Sunday, December 25, 2016

Novella #Review ~ My Holiday Secret by Jackson Kane and Roxy Sinclaire

My Holiday Secret by Jackson Kane and Roxy Sinclaire:

Goodreads Description of the Book:

He's my holiday secret... and if anyone finds out, I'm screwed. 

I did everything I could to get away from my family, but somehow, I've let my sister drag me home for the holidays. Now that I'm back, everyone expects to finally meet my fiance. 

The only problem is I don't have one... he dumped me, and they have no clue. 

I can't let them find out I'm single. Luckily, after a one night stand with a bad boy bouncer—the chiseled and grizzled Vance Mathis—I've got a plan: Hire him to be my fiance for the family Christmas party. 

When he pulls that mistletoe out of his pocket I know he's only looking to jingle my bells. Even so... it's getting harder and harder to keep my hands off of him. 

I only wanted him to play pretend, but after our not-so-silent night together... 

I'm starting to want something real. 

For a limited time this delightfully, sinful holiday novella comes with TWO full-length billionaire novels. Indulge your guilty pleasures this season with Roxy Sinclaire and the Bad Boy of Romance-Jackson Kane. Happy sexy Holidays!

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Kinlde File Size: 3731 KB
Print Length: 493 pages (This purchase will net you 1 novella - My Holiday Secret - and 2 full length Billionaire novels)
Publication Date: December 18, 2016

My Review:

 My Holiday Secret is actually a novella packaged with 2 other full length books by the same authors. 

Abby, her sister Jan, and a boatload (literally) of Jan's friends are out celebrating Jan's upcoming wedding bachelorette-style.  Just previous to Abby coming home to the east coast from her life on the west coast. her fiance, Chris, broke off their engagement.  Coming home for the holidays and for Jan's wedding was the right thing to do but Jan's the only one who knows about Chris.  Her entire family expects to meet Chris while Abby is home.  Her drunken sister's solution?  Grab a fill-in and the family will never be the wiser.

After an altercation with other patrons, Abby is rescued by one of the bouncers.  Not at all her type, Abby can't help but be attracted to him.  When they have what is supposed to be a one night stand in the parking lot, both Abby and Vance feel a connection to each other that neither have ever felt with anyone else before.  When Vance shows up at her parents' house the next day, she hires him to be her hopes of more than just their one night together.

My Holiday Secret is a novella packed full of drama, romance, and sex.  The authors did a great job writing this story in a way that left me satisfied with the relationship angle, the family drama angle, and the way the sex scenes were written.  The story was engaging throughout, never too fast, too slow, or full of irrelevant information.  The readers are provided exactly the right amount of information for this novella.  We get a bit of back story but only what the story requires.  All-in-all a pretty good bad boy romance novella.

This book is only appropriate for those 18 and older.  

My review copy is a verified Amazon purchase!

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