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Cozy Mystery Review: Death on Windmill Way (Hamptons Murder Mysteries, Book #1) by Carrie Doyle

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Death on Windmill Way (Hamptons Murder Mysteries #1)

Description from Back Cover of Paperback:

The Hamptons may be a summer playground for the rich and famous, but for the other nine months of the year they are a collection of small towns with small town problems. This scenic stretch of Long Island’s East End is renowned for beautiful beaches, quaint villages, spectacular houses...and murder! In Carrie Doyle’s fast-paced new mystery, Death on Windmill Way, readers join gourmet chef and innkeeper Antonia Bingham as she delves into an investigation to learn who’s behind the suspicious deaths of the Windmill Inn’s innkeepers, past and present. Sumptuous settings and mouth-watering food descriptions keep things cozy, like a stay at your favorite country inn!

Book Details:

Series: Hamptons Murder Mysteries
Paperback: 410 pages
Publisher: Dunemere Books; 1 edition 
Publish Date: September 3, 2016
ISBN-10: 0997270144
ISBN-13: 978-0997270143

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My Review:

Antonia Bingham is the newest innkeeper of the Windmill Inn in a long line of people who've owned the inn. After finally getting the inn up and running, Antonia learns the local lore about how all of the previous innkeepers/owners have died under mysterious circumstances. Not one to take stock in the legends, Antonia slowly changes her tune as mysterious things keep happening to her. As the book goes on, Antonia becomes more absorbed in the mysterious death of the previous innkeeper, Gordon. She finds herself in the middle of a quarrel between the his girlfriend, Barbie, and sister, Naomi. Issues also crop up regarding Barbie's entitlement to part of Gordon's estate. 

There is the potential for a romance, maybe, but it never overshadows any of the main themes in the book. Antonia also develops a friendship with an older gentleman and I found Joseph's character to be sharp and a great companion to Antonia. Their relationship is platonic and I enjoyed the realism in their communication, dialogue, and relationship. All the dialogue between the characters was well done, smooth, and conversational. The story was absorbing and engaging and I felt like I was right there helping Antonia solve the mystery. The author did a great job tossing around red herrings, throwing off the reader. She cleverly lead me astray many times throughout the story as we twisted and turned all around. I had no idea who the culprit was until the big reveal near the end of the book. 

For the most part, Death on Windmill Way is an enjoyable cozy mystery, however there were a few things that detracted from my enjoyment. The story is not nearly as fast-paced as the synopsis would have readers believe. The book is overly descriptive in spots with information that doesn't really add to the story. I found parts of the book would drag on and were quite boring. There is some vulgar language in a couple spots that I don't find typical in a cozy mystery. This type of language (t*ts, b*tch) doesn't bother me one bit but it might bother other readers of this genre.

Despite my opinions in the above paragraph, the book was entertaining and engaging. The author's ability to take multiple storylines and expertly intertwine them and then wrap their ends up nicely at the end was a huge plus for Death on Windmill Way. I enjoyed all of the interactions between characters whether it was the ex-girlfriend, sister, Antonia's love interest, Antonia's manager, or Joseph. The lead up to revealing what really happened to Gordon has a fair amount of suspense, especially, as I noted above, since the suspect could have been anyone.

Paperback review copy provided by the publisher and I read/reviewed it voluntarily. All thoughts, opinions, and statements regarding Death on Windmill Way are my own.


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