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Novella Review: All In The Game (Dearly Beloved, Book 2) by Virginia Crane @WildRosePress

About the Book:

Second time's the charm for bride Amanda Prince. Or so she hopes.  But her best friend Rita doesn't agree that this marriage will work out any better than Amanda's first one. Groom Keith Manning is looking forward to his upcoming nuptials with Amanda. But his buddy Sid thinks he knows what's best for Keith...and that's not Amanda!  Amanda and Keith are caught between their friends' disapproval and their own pre-wedding jitters. But with love and determination, everything works out in the end. Doesn't it?

Book Information:

Kindle File Size: 207 KB
Print Length: 55 pages
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: November 3, 2012

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My Review:

Second marriages happen for a multitude of reason; irreconcilable differences, a cheating spouse, or, unfortunately, death, to name a few.  Not everyone understands a person's decision to tie the knot again, especially if the first marriage involved the first two of the above reasons.  Then again, it's not really anyone else's decision but the bride and groom, right?!  Unfortunately for Amanda and Keith, they have the disapproval from their strongly opinionated friends, Rita and Sid.  Will the bride and groom make it down the aisle a second time or will Rita and Sid hold sway over the final outcome?  

All in the Game has a smooth conversational quality to the writing.  The reader will feel like they are part of the dialogue and discussions within the novella.  A quick read, we get back story on both Amanda, the bride, and Keith, the groom.  We also get the back story on Rita, Amanda's best friend.  The enigma in this story is Sid.  He is adamantly opposed to marriage but we never find out why - this could be a story all by itself.

The only complaint is the weak conflict - I felt the controversy was trivial and silly.  As a person who has been a bride twice, I understand the sheer amount of raw emotion just simmering under the surface.  The issue just didn't flow with the rest of the book.  

The rest of the story was written really well.  The story pulled me in and kept me engaged and interested.  Being that the novella is only 55 pages long, it didn't take long to read.  If you looking for something quick to pass the time and enjoy conflicted romance, you'll like this novella.

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