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Hints of the Paranormal in THE YEAR OF LOVING by Traci L. Slatton

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Hints of the Paranormal in THE YEAR OF LOVING by Traci L. Slatton
            The paranormal haunts my work. Readers familiar with my books know that Luca Bastardo of IMMORTAL lived for nearly 200 years; Laila of THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR both channels dead painters and hunts vampires; and the After Series, comprised of FALLEN, COLD LIGHT, FAR SHORE, and BLOOD SKY, is explicitly paranormal: characters have psychic gifts and conscious mists move about the Earth, destroying people and buildings.

            So I’m used to writing paranormal. However, I intended for THE YEAR OF LOVING to be a different genre of novel. My intention was for THE YEAR OF LOVING to be a work of commercial women’s fiction. That meant the book shouldn’t be overtly paranormal.

            But I believe that life encompasses far more than science acknowledges or our five senses register. I believe that there’s a great mystery at the heart of life; that mystery is esoteric and mystical. We know, feel, experience far more than can be explained by the literal precepts of scientific materialism. The question then became, how could I lightly and deftly include the larger realm in this work?

            I started by creating a connection between Sarah Paige and one of her paramours that exceeds conversation and sympathy. Those two know what the other one is thinking. I kept it subtle until near the end, when she thinks something within her own head and he responds to her thought verbally—despite his back being turned to her. He’s not reading her body language or expression. Still, this moment happens delicately, without bashing the reader over the head with a sledgehammer.

            In another scene, Sarah sees someone who has just passed over from life to the other side. The person is in a different country but appears in Sarah’s living room just at the moment after death. This could be called a ghost but I didn’t write it that way. I wrote the scene simply. Sarah sees this person and knows immediately what has happened, and then the person vanishes.

            When she’s hiking in the woods, Sarah experiences a heightened awareness. She achieves a peacefulness that belies the difficulties in her life. I wrote this into the novel because I experience an expansion of my own consciousness when I’m in nature. Many people have the same experience. They also enjoy this elevation and feeling of preternatural flow when they’re out in nature, whether on a seashore or in the woods or in the desert. I included the hiking scenes as part of showing how much bigger the world is than it seems to be.

            Most of us have had the experience of knowing who is calling when the phone rings. Almost all of us have felt the magnetic pull of looking at someone who is looking at us. Many people have communicated with deceased loved ones, explored past life regression, or dreamt of an event that later came true. We are beings of far greater consciousness than we usually imagine as we go about our daily lives. I wanted to imply that in THE YEAR OF LOVING.

The Year of Loving
Traci L. Slatton

Genre: Commercial women’s fiction

Publisher: Parvati Press

Date of Publication: October 10, 2016

ISBN: 978-1-942523-06-2 (print) 
eBook 978-1-942523-07-9
ASIN: Coming Soon

Number of pages: 360
Word Count: 114,000

Cover Artist: Brandi Doan McCann

About the Book:

Art gallerist Sarah Paige’s world is crumbling. One daughter barely speaks to her and the other is on the rails. Sarah is struggling to keep her gallery afloat in a tough market. Then she learns that her most beloved friend has cancer. In the midst of her second divorce, two men come into her life: an older man who offers companionship and stability, and an exciting younger man whose life is as chaotic as hers. 

Sarah’s courage and spirit strengthen her, but how much can she bear, and what sustains her when all else falls away? Sarah finds herself on a journey that tests her more than she could ever have imagined.

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About the Author:

Traci L. Slatton is the international bestselling author of historical, paranormal, and romantic novels, including IMMORTAL (BantamDell) and BROKEN; the award-winning dystopian After Series which includes FALLEN, COLD LIGHT, FAR SHORE and BLOOD SKY; the bittersweet romantic comedy THE LOVE OF MY (OTHER) LIFE; and the vampire art history romp THE BOTTICELLI AFFAIR. She has also published the lyrical poetry collection DANCING IN THE TABERNACLE and THE ART OF LIFE, a photo-essay about figurative sculpture through the ages. Her book PIERCING TIME and SPACE explores the meeting ground of science and spirituality.



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