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#Book #Review ~ A Midwinter's Tail (A Magical Cats Mystery, Book 6) by Sofie Kelly

About the Book:

Kathleen Paulson is snowed under running her library and caring for her extraordinary felines, Owen and Hercules. But when a fund-raiser turns deadly, she’ll have to add sleuthing to her already full schedule....

Winter in Mayville Heights is busy and not just because of the holidays. Kathleen is hard at work organizing a benefit to raise money for the library’s popular Reading Buddies program. She has her hands full hosting the event. And when a guest at the gala drops dead, her magical cats, Owen and Hercules, will have their paws full helping her solve a murder.

The victim is the ex of town rascal Burtis Chapman, but she hasn’t lived in the area in years. And though everybody is denying knowledge of why she was back in town, as Kathleen and her detective boyfriend, Marcus, begin nosing around, they discover more people are connected to the deceased than claimed to be. Now Marcus, Kathleen, and her uncanny cats have to unravel this midwinter tale before the case gets cold.

Book Details:

Series: Magical Cats (Book 6)
Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages
Publisher: NAL; First Obsidian Paperback Edition edition 
Publish Date: October 7, 2014
ISBN-10: 0451414713
ISBN-13: 978-0451414717

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My Review:

It is winter in Mayville Heights and everything that happened in the last book with Kathleen and Marcus has sorted itself out.  Kathleen is now focused on raising money to keep a reading program running.  When the ex of a resident blows back into town and winds up dead at the fundraising event, a friend, a resident, and others are in the hot seat.  Now it's time to figure out why the woman, after so many years, made a return to Mayville Heights.

A Midwinter's Tail is another fantastic book in Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mystery series. The plot flows along really well, making the entire novel easy to read and understand.  There were multiple suspects that had motive and Kathleen did a great job sifting through them.  A wonderful thing about the Magical Cats Mystery series is that every book gets better.  The continuation of the story of Kathleen, her magical kitties, and Marcus, along with the secondary characters, is fresh and original with each installment.  

All of Sofie Kelly's Magical Cats Mysteries are descriptive without going overboard. I feel like I'm in every scene of the story. The books also have the right amount of suspense to keep the reader engaged all the way to the end. The romance included isn't over the top and doesn't overshadow the mystery solving. It's a nice addition to give the story and characters realism.

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