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Blog Tour Spotlight ~ The Immortal Divide (The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy, Book Three) by KS Turner #Fantasy

The Immortal Divide
The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy
Book Three
KS Turner

Genre: Fantasy

Publisher: Ruby Blaze Publishing
Publication date: 29th October 2016
Pages: 576

Paperback: 978-0-9562242-9-3
EBook: 978-0-9562242-7-9

About the Book:

This is when it will change.

For them. For us. For everyone.

Destiny, freewill, intent, magic, science, life, everything.

This is when all those named gods will fight to the end.

This world and all worlds are fated to end. The prophet, Jychanumun, has tried to prevent it. He has spent millennia walking between life and death to find a way. The powerful Shaa-kutu have tried to prevent it. They have fought with wits and weapons and given their all. Despite their best, nothing seems capable of stopping the formidable Arrunn from completing his final fateful move. So, can Tachra change that fate?

Tachra stands between shadow and light. She has no tools or weapons, only the Earth power and true-vision. Perhaps her fellow humans will ascend to greater knowledge and unlock a new discovery. Or, if she can decipher the Book of Fate, perhaps that will hold a key to saving them all. But when that last prophecy comes, will she make the right choice?

After all, that fate has already been written:
"If any survive, it will be known as the three day darkness. If none survive, the darkness will swallow all."

Meet the Author:

Originally trained as an illustrator and designer at Saint Martins School of Art and at Middlesex University, KS Turner turned to fiction when she saw the limitless possibilities of connectivity it offered. Before her shift in career, she worked as a fashion designer for major high-street brands, a graphic designer for musicians, and a product designer for corporations, as well as dabbling with designing technology, sustainable energy, and textiles.

A vivid series of dreams were the inspiration for the Chronicles of Fate and Choice books. Kate initially tried illustrating her dreams, but found the medium too limiting for the story she had seen, so began writing. At first she didn’t have any intention of writing novels, but the books soon started to come together.

Her first two novels, Before the Gods, and Tumultus, were featured in many magazines, won book of the month with Spirit and Destiny magazine, fantasy of the year with Bookbag, and the ‘Must Read Now’ awards with SciFiNow magazine.

When Kate isn't writing, she draws, paints and sculpts as well as studying maths, science, theology and philosophy. She loves to play music, explore, nurture nature and spend time with friends and family. She lives in Somerset.

About Other Books in The Chronicles of Fate and Choice Trilogy 

The first two books in The Chronicles of Fate and Choice (Before The Gods and Tumultus) have reached fantasy fiction fans around the world and many thousands of copies have been sold. Hugely popular in libraries and with fan mail being sent to the British author, KS Turner, from as far afield as Australia and India, it is clear that this trilogy has far-reaching appeal. Kate explains some more about the stories: “The novels have powerful characters. The kutu are angels, or gods, or aliens, or indeed all three. I think the human, Tachra, describes them perfectly in the prologue of Tumultus: 

‘These kutu are beautiful, intelligent and strong. They exist in a state of energy and matter, and are able to live in any combination of the two. They thrive on change and are constantly moving, seeking to be the best that they can be. The kutu feel and think much as humans do, only more, much more. They are capable of great things, great thoughts and great acts. They can fly like birds when they wish, using their energy wings. I’ve seen them. They can eat as we eat, when in flesh. I have feasted with them. And when they laugh, it lights up the air with the most beautiful colours: fluid, luminous and glittering colours that reflect their very nature. I see their condensed power; it swirls around them in colours that we have no name for. I see their thoughts. All thoughts have intent, complex or simple, and theirs share aspects of both. And I can see inside their souls. Like a map of three-dimensional shapes their essences are clear to me, if I look.' 

Along with these striking kutu, and the innocence of early humans here on Earth, I wanted the novels to be action based with weaving plots and sub-plots. But, I also wanted to tackle some of the biggest questions through the novels; questions about our origins, life, death, evil, consciousness and choice. I know... I do like to bite off a big chunk. And this trilogy deserves the biggest chunk I can manage.” 

Before The Gods

Before the Gods is a journey of discovery, told as a breath-taking cat and mouse chase full of revelations and suspense. Written from dual perspectives, in alternating chapters, as the human Tachra searches to find her makers and the Kutu makers search to find the last of the Old Ones. Fate and choice twist through the plots, intensifying as their paths grow ever closer. Once they converge, together they open doors to the oldest worlds and the potential devastation within. An unlikely team; a mute prophet, a damaged sensitive, and a wayward leader, hold the fate of all worlds in their hands. But, the ultimate choice belongs to the innocent. Together, they started the battle for life, and together, they made our world the way it is today. 

Series: The Chronicles of Fate and Choice (Book One) Pages: 496 pages 

Formats: Paperback/Hardback/eBook Publisher: Ruby Blaze Publishing Availability: Available now 

Language: English 

ISBN: Paperback 9780956224200, Hardback 9780956224248, eBook 9780956224286 

Amazon Link:


The world is at peace. The Earth flourishes. The Old One dreams. Kutu and humans exist in harmony. It is a beautiful time, yet I sense great trouble. 

Meanwhile... Aeons away, on the far side of infinity, where the shadow is darkest and laughter now rare, a black- winged Nigh-kutu paces a darkened room in agitation. His brother is dying. He knows he must embrace the rage and cut free all else that he feels. It is their warrior code: Better to have a thousand that will not lose than a million that might not win. There is no place for weakness. Soon it will be the ultimate battle. It will be the battle for life itself. 

Tumultus is a journey of contrasts: The conflict of shadow and light. Love versus Hate. Good versus Evil. Hope versus Fear. Life versus Death. It is their conflict and we humans are caught in the middle. 

Series: The Chronicles of Fate and Choice (Book Two) Pages: 512 pages 

Formats: Paperback/eBook Publisher: Ruby Blaze Publishing Availability: Available now Language: English 

ISBN: Paperback 9780956224217, eBook 9780956224262

Amazon Link:

Reviews for the first two books in the Trilogy:

"A cracking novel, filled to the brim with an eloquent, seamless fusion of fantasy and science fiction."
KS Turner's novels have been awarded the monthly 'Must Read Now'.
-- SciFiNow magazine --

"Sumptuously illustrated, seamlessly unravelling an irresistible narrative. A wonderful and much needed welcome break in the production line of fantasy fiction."
-- Diva magazine --

"Epic, tension-packed, loaded with mysteries and believable characters. A compelling read. Recommended for anyone who's ever wondered where we humans come from and who exactly is looking back at us when we stare out to the stars."
-- Spirit and Destiny magazine --

"A triumph of imaginative fiction. An innovative and startlingly original blend of sci-fi with mythical fantasy and philosophy. It’s a compelling narrative concerning the origins of human beings, the nature of evil and the role of free will in the world and, indeed, the universe."

"Engaging and thought-provoking."
-- BookTime magazine --

"Impressive. Imaginative and speculative. Unique. More please."

"Our favourite fantasy novel this year is an audacious debut novel from K S Turner... Can't wait for the next in the series."
-- BookBag --

"Compelling reading. A work of speculative fiction that is as refreshing as it is accomplished."
-- Fantasy Book Review --

"Genre-defying... a tantalising mix of fantasy, science fiction, psychology, mythology, existential questioning and spirituality... a compelling read."
-- The List Magazine --

"An imaginative, quick moving novel set above standard fantasy fayre."
-- Bookseller Magazine --

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