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Read an Excerpt and Enter to Win a Copy of Onyx Webb, Book Two by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton ~Paranormal Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Thriller

Onyx Webb, Book Two by 

Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

Publisher: Courage Crafters Inc. (July 9, 2015)
Category: Paranormal Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural Thriller
Tour Date: June & July, 2016
ISBN: 978-0990751823
Available in: Print & ebook, 228 Pages

If you enjoyed Book One, you will love Onyx Webb: Book Two! The story gets darker, creepier, and crazier.

About Book 2:

Onyx Webb is a complex multi-genre mash-up that combines elements of supernatural suspense, crime, horror, romance, and more. The Onyx Webb series follows the unusual life of Onyx Webb along with a central group of characters in various locations and times.

The billionaire Mulvaney family, piano prodigy Juniper Cole and her brother Quinn, paranormal show hosts Cryer and Fudge, and a few others make up the core of the series. Written like a book version of your favorite TV series (think: supernatural soap opera like American Horror Story) each character’s story moves forward with most every episode. It may appear that the characters are entirely unrelated and yet episode by episode, the connections will become clearer. Like being an inch away from a spider web, with each book, the web will move further and further away revealing the full story of every character and most importantly, the stunning conclusion for Onyx Webb herself.

Read an Excerpt:

When the class bell rang, Sister Mary Margaret—whom the children shortened to Sister “Mar Mar” behind her back—told Declan to stay behind. Once they were alone, she pulled a wooden ruler from her desk drawer.
“You are a special boy, Declan Mulvaney,” Sister Mary Margaret said. “But I have come to learn that the special boys require extra-special reminders to behave in class. Hold out your hand, please.”
Declan extended his arm, opening his hand in front of Mar Mar’s face. In his open palm was the crushed spider.
Sister Mary Margaret did not scare easily, but the unexpected sight of the large arachnid caught her off guard and she took an involuntary step backward. Regaining her composure, she said, “Turn your palm down, Declan, knuckles up.”
“No,” Declan said.
“Declan Mulvaney, you will do as I say.”
“No,” Declan said again.
Sister Mary Margaret and Declan locked eyes. Neither of them blinked. Sister Mary Margaret finally spoke. “Very well, Mr. Mulvaney, have it your way. But don’t bother going to dinner with the others this evening. There will be none for you.”

Praise for Onyx Webb, Book One:

Finalist for Cross Genre of the National Indie Excellence Awards

“This is an interesting story. I liked how you could follow the different people and just knew that there was more to the story. Onyx keeps adding hints that make it feel like it is linked together. I liked all of the characters; they were descriptive and kept me wanting to find out more about them. I admit that I liked Onyx the best so I loved her story and narrations more than Juniper and Koda’s stories.
I see that this is going to be a series and I’m curious to see where it goes from there. 5 stars”- JBronder Book Reviews

” I found my new favorite book when I opened the first pages of ONYX WEBB. There is not a dropped thread in this exciting, engrossing, riveting, incredible paranormal, suspenseful, supernatural, mysterious, time-switching, multi-character serial…I realize how Dickens’ audience must have felt, hanging on from week to week with bated breath for the newest installment…
ONYX WEBB is a story in a class by itself. I can see it becoming a cult classic–and why not? I certainly plan to read it over and over and over again…because in the words of Jacqueline Susann: “Once is not enough.”- Mallory Heart Reviews

Praise for Onyx Webb, Book Two:

“A must read! Onyx Webb Book 2 offers so much to readers. Suspense is so thick readers will go crazy with what will happen next as they follow each of the interesting characters. The characters pop out from the pages and create an air of drama and adventure that will keep readers turning the pages. So many different lives are beautifully woven and created by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. Book 2 heightens readers intrigue and interest for the next installment by these talented writers I can see Onyx Webb being on TV. This series ranges for readers of all genres. Suspense, thrillers, romance, and even those who like historical fiction reads will love reading Onyx Webb book 2 episodes 4-5-6. I loved reading this novel and look forward to reading future works by both Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. Overall, I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well-written series.”- Danielle Urban, Amazon Reviewer

” I raved about the first installment with a five star review. This one is even better and I am completely hooked. I am repeating myself when I say that the writing and pacing are terrific and that all the main characters are very well drawn and realistic Some are very likable and some not. Highly recommended.”- James Tepper, Vine Voice

Meet Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton:

Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz are a married writing team. Most well known for their business fables, they’re professional speakers who teach audiences on how to overcome fear of failure and rejection. The Onyx Webb Series is their first serious dive into fiction.

Richard and Andrea have been in love with creating stories together since they met almost twenty years ago and even spent some time in Hollywood writing screenplays, being represented by the producer of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Their favorite genres are suspense, thriller, crime and anything of a paranormal nature which is how Onyx Webb turned into a mash-up of all their favorites!


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