Thursday, July 28, 2016

If You've Ever Thought About Self-Publishing - Now's Your Chance to Take Part in Some #FREE Training

Good morning! My name is Saph and I've been a book reviewer/blogger for over 5 years. Over the course of these years I have had the opportunity to "meet" some wonderful people; bloggers and authors alike. Among those people is E. Van Lowe. He's a writer who has recently launched a new online training course titled Five Steps To Self-Publishing.

Here is a quote from E. Van Lowe about Self-Publishing:

"There are lots of writers out there, published and unpublished, who have also thought about self-publishing, but for whatever reason haven't made the leap. This course is for them. The purpose of this course is to free writers from the restraints they've put on themselves. I know these people because I am one of them. If I had known the secrets of self-publishing, I would have taken the plunge a lot sooner." ~ E. Van Lowe, author, 2016

You see that?  This course is for YOU!  

And the best part?  This Five Step training course is FREE!

Click this link ~ ~ and you'll be on your way to learning all about self-publishing your own novel!

You're probably asking yourself "Who is E Van Lowe?" and "Why should I sign up for this training?"

E Van Lowe is a man who has worn many different hats over the years.  

About E Van Lowe:

Ehrich Van Lowe began his television writing career with a bang, writing for the successful television series “Charles in Charge” and “227, and immediately segueing to staff positions with “He’s the Mayor,” “Knight Rider,” and “The Robert Guillaume Show.” While in the midst of an accomplished career in television, Ehrich also made a successful leap into the feature film world, writing the short film “Cadillac Dreams,” the first ever ‘hood’ movie, which garnered him an Academy Award nomination.

Ehrich’s ability to create family programming soon caught the eye of Walt Disney Studios, and the Academy Award nominee ushered his Sweet Lorraine Productions into an exclusive agreement to create and develop long and short form television programming for the studio.  In 1998 Ehrich decided to leave the Disney fold to join the realm of the independents. In 2000 Ehrich returned to Disney as an independent producer, developing the Disney Channel’s first hit comedy series “Even Stevens.” In 2001 Ehrich and the series were nominated for an Emmy Award for Best Children’s Series. The series has gone on to garner numerous Emmy nominations.

As a novelist, Ehrich has written two classic 80s horror novels under the Pseudonym, Sal Conte: “Child’s Play” and “The Power.” As E. Van Lowe, he has launched a new career writing novels for teens, employing a unique style of combining horror with humor. His first teen novel, “Never Slow Dance With A Zombie” was published by TOR/Teen, September 2009. The hit novel was chosen as a selection of the Scholastic Book Club. It has also garnered an ALA Award and Cybils Award nomination.

E’s YA paranormal novel, “Boyfriend From Hell,”(White Whisker Books) entered the Best Seller list in January of 2012, and in March entered the top 10, ranking as high as #7 in Children’s and YA Ebook Bestsellers. The sequel, “Earth Angel,” also topped the list, ranking as high as #8.

Ehrich holds an MFA in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. In 1997 he became a proud member of the faculty where he taught various forms of writing for eleven years.

Ehrich has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards including: The DGA Diversity Award, The Academy Award, The Emmy Award, The NAACP Image Award, and the American Library Association Award.

**This is just a snapshot of E Van Lowe's accomplishments - accomplishments that have helped him launch his next career goal - to help YOU publish your own book!

This course is only available for a limited time, so sign up for your #FREE online Five Steps To Self-Publishing training course today!

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