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Book Spotlight ~ Children of God by Craig DiLouie and Jonathan Moon #Poetry

Horror poetry collection expresses the hopes, failures, and horror of an apocalyptic cult

In Children of God by Craig DiLouie and Jonathan Moon, the survivors of a doomsday cult describe their hopes, dreams, and how it all went wrong.

For three long years, the Family of God awaited the end of the world in a California desert. In 2008, the cult destroyed itself in mass suicide and murder. Plagued by guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder, the survivors couldn’t talk about their experiences until a psychotherapist treated them with poetry therapy.

Ranging in form from haiku to sonnets, this collection is their stories in verse, expressing hope, love, faith, regret, and pain. With these poems, the survivors find their voice and finally tell why they joined the cult, what they hoped, how they failed, and the horrifying last night.

Children of God is a nightmare, but a very human nightmare,” says Craig DiLouie, whose other published works include the Bram Stoker-nominated Suffer the Children. “Those who join cults are average people with a special yearning for the love, belonging, and meaning the group provides. Their commitment to it all can take them to a very dark place.”

For the Family of God, the end of the world arrived, but not the way they’d planned. The survivors struggle to go on. They’ve left the cult, but it may never leave them. These poems are their stories—stories of regret and apocalyptic dreams.

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Children of God twists and turns the ideas of faith and reality … This poetic cult is one you won't be able to escape,” says Stephanie M. Wytovich, Bram Stoker Award-nominated poet of Hysteria: A Collection of Madness.

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Book Information:

Kindle File Size: 1815 KB
Print Length: 148 pages
Publisher: ZING Communications, Inc.
Publication Date: May 18, 2016

Meet the Authors:

Craig DiLouie ~

Craig DiLouie is a popular author of thriller, apocalyptic/horror, and sci-fi/fantasy fiction. His works have been nominated for major literary awards, translated into multiple languages, and optioned for film. He is a member of the Horror Writers Association, International Thriller Writers, and Imaginative Fiction Writers Association. In hundreds of reviews, Craig’s novels have been praised for their strong characters, action, and gritty realism. Each book promises an exciting experience with people you’ll care about in a world that feels real.

Jonathan Moon ~

An avid fan of horror, westerns, and comedy, Jonathan Moon is a popular author of horror and bizarro fiction. He has authored 16 novels, novellas, and short story collections, and has contributed short fiction to a number of anthologies.

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Joshua Pantalleresco

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