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Book Review: Ghosts of Trenton House (Revenant Investigations Book 2) by Libby Bishop

About the Book:

Empath and paranormal investigator Lena Tompson is enjoying a night of relaxation when she’s interrupted by a phone call from her boss. She hurries to the office, still in her pajamas, and finds herself face to face with the once love-of-her-life.

Knox Trenton, also an empath, has a problem: his beloved great grandmother has accidently conjured the spirit of her dead sister while trying to find the spirit of her dearly departed husband, who died decades earlier. The sisters have fought bitterly since his death.

As the case heats up, so do Lena’s feelings for Knox. She doesn’t know how long she can hold back the tide of emotions, especially when she realizes that Knox has feelings for her as well. She can only hope that trusting him doesn’t tear her apart as deeply as his own family will be torn if they fail to stop the fighting.

Book Details:

File Size: 1131 KB
Print Length: 119 pages
Publisher: Evernight Publishing (January 13, 2016)
Publication Date: January 13, 2016

My Review:

I had the pleasure of reviewing Ghosts of Kingston Cottage when it was released by a previous publishing company, in 2013.  My review can be read on Goodreads.

Some family secrets go with the members to their graves.

In other families, they come back with them from the grave.

Ghosts of Trenton House brings the group from Revenant Investigations back together. The main focus is on Lena Tompson, and low-level empath in the group. Called to the office suddenly one evening, Lena is shocked to see her ex-boyfriend, Knox Trenton there. He broke her heart several year prior -- actually he shattered it. She's been trying, and mostly succeeding, to rebuild her life and get over seeing Knox in the arms of someone else. Seeing Knox again brings all of those long buried feelings all the way back to the surface.

Knox is in a desperate situation. His family is divided and in the middle of a huge feud that stems from an issue between is great grandmother, Imogene, and his great aunt, Ruth. When Imogene's husband, Duke, passed away many year prior, Ruth captured and hid away Duke's spirit from her. Imogene has a gift similar necromancy but her attempts to raise him have been unsuccessful. In Imogene's latest attempt at trying to locate and raise Duke, Imogene accidentally raised Ruth instead. Ruth refuses to indicate where Duke is or to even consider releasing his spirit. The tension and anger volleyed back and forth between Imogene and Ruth within the walls of Trenton House have hit a dangerous level and Imogene's brothers are threatening to usurp Knox's control over Imogene's estate and will and toss Imogen into a home from the gifted who can no longer control their abilities.

Amid the drama between the living and dead, Lena and Knox are now dealing with their own issues since reuniting for Knox's family issues. The chemistry between them is strong and undeniable. There are a lot of emotions, feelings, and situations that weren't dealt with at the end of their relationship that have to be fleshed out before anything can be rekindled. The secondary romance was threaded nicely throughout the book. 

Ghosts of Trenton House is another great book in the Revenant Investigations series by Libby Bishop. The world building and character development was well done. I really enjoy Libby's fluid writing style. The book is fast paced and exciting. At times, I really felt like I was in the Trenton House caught between the angry living and dead.

Review copy provided at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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