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Book #Review ~ Fire Sign (Dr. Anja Toussaint) by M.A. Petterson

About the Book via Goodreads:

A beautiful forensic engineer hiding a tragic past reluctantly teams up with a troubled cop to stop a serial arsonist targeting churches.

Dr. Anja Toussaint believes that her own dreadful youth foretells who the arsonist is and the shocking motive behind the fires. But Detective Gil Dolan stubbornly sets his sights on a white supremacist previously convicted of arson and just released from prison.

Unfortunately, when Anja blocks his efforts the arrogant cop sets his own plan into motion that leads them both into a fiery trap.

* Please note: Fire Sign is a novella and about one quarter the length of regular novel.

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My Review:

Book 1 in the Dr. Anja Toussaint series by M.A. Petterson is a well-crafted novella.  Anja is a forensic engineer pairs with a cop when churches are being torched by arsonists.  The unlikely pairing brings discomfort, misunderstandings, and possibly a small amount of trust.  When you have to investigate arson, it's best to have each other's back.  When you're partner does his own thing, though, it may just be the death of you both.

Anja is a forensic engineer who's specialty is fire.  Gil Dolan is a detective with a trouble past.  This dysfunctional duo is paired up to take out an arsonist that is burning up churches.  The ending will surprise you and leave you saying "ah ha!" 

There are a lot of abrupt scene shifts in Fire Sign though that I didn't really like.  There wasn't the normal flow between paragraphs of different subjects.  Also, I wasn't really impressed by the attempted seduction of Gil by Anja.  It really seemed miscalculated and out of place.

The suspense and intrigue in Fire Sign will have the reader devouring the novella in no time.  The book, despite the scene shift and seduction issues, is quite interesting and engaging.  For those unfamiliar with how fire or firefighters work, be prepared for some schooling.  I enjoyed learning about how the source of a fire is figured out.  I enjoyed this well-written novella.

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