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New Release & Exclusive Excerpt ~ This Night Sucks by Elizabeth J.M. Walker ~ Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, Comedy @MirrorWorldPub

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Book Details:

From the author of She Dreamed of Dragons

Title: This Night Sucks

Author Name: Elizabeth J.M. Walker

Genre(s): Young Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Vampires, Comedy

Release Date: June 17, 2016

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing 

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About the Book:

Lana is a high school senior enrolled in Vampire Education – a class to teach students about the very real presence of vampires in the world. Lana and her classmates don’t really expect to meet up with any undead bloodsuckers. Vampires are a lot like other scary things that supposedly exist but you hope you’ll never come across: nudist colonies, mad cow disease, and your parents’ sex life.

What is part of Lana’s everyday reality is navigating through one last year of high school while desperately trying to be less nerdy. She still loves spaceships, fantasy novels, and cat stickers, but she also recently got her braces removed, grew boobs, and is working on the makeup thing. She never expected her crush-of-a-lifetime Pete to even notice her – let alone ask her out on a date. 

The date is going great until Pete’s ex-girlfriend Katy shows up, all bloody and pissed off. Lana quickly realizes that Katy is not just her ordinary bitchy self – she has been turned into a vampire. After a near death experience, Lana learns that she is changing into a vampire too.

Lana needs answers, and the only way to get them is to find the vampire who started the chain of events – and to find him before sunrise...

Exclusive Excerpt:

Oh yeah, Katy is in my homeroom. I usually try to ignore The Girl Who Stole My Boyfriend…even if she met him first and all. And he doesn’t know I exist. Still, I’m allowed to both hate and ignore her existence.

Today she’s harder to ignore. She has an aura of glumness about her. She’s wearing less makeup and picking at a chocolate chip muffin from the cafeteria. I realize I’ve never seen her eat anything besides salad. It’s like seeing a cat eat a slice of watermelon: it’s weird and unnatural, but it does happen. I know, because I’ve seen a watermelon-eating cat on the Internet one time when I was spending a Saturday night looking up silly cat videos online while listening to Weezer’s Blue Album.

I find myself staring at her. She looks up and I quickly look away, only confirming to her that I was indeed awkwardly staring at her. Some of the other girls glance over at her and whisper. One of the hot football players gives her a nod. One of those I would so bang you nods. She nods back. It’s uncommitted. Like, Maybe. Maybe I’ll need you for a sad revenge bang at a party later tonight. You know, if I happen to run into Pete with some new hot girl. Or I’ll give you a handjob in the parking lot after school. And make sure the whole school knows, so Pete will be jealous and want me back. Or something. I mean…that’s what I assume cool people are doing when they nod to each other. It’s their own secret language – like Morse code for cool people, so the dweebs like me won’t be able to decipher their secret language about banging and non-secret-secret handjobs. Or maybe they just nodded to each other because they’ve known each other since grade school. Who the f*ck knows?

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Meet the Author:

Elizabeth J. M. Walker lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She has always loved books and writing. As a teen she discovered zines, which inspired her to publish her own litzine of odd fairy tales for over a decade.

She Dreamed of Dragons is her first novel.

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