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Book Tour #Review: Big Hair & Buttermilk Pie: A Rose Cottage Cafe Mystery by Lori Stacy #CozyMystery

Big Hair & Buttermilk Pie
by Lori Stacy

Book Details:

Big Hair & Buttermilk Pie:
A Rose Cottage Cafe Mystery
Cozy Mystery
Superlative Media (April 18, 2016)
Print Length: 116 pages

About the Book:

Mandy Hemphill is living her dream, running the successful Rose Cottage Cafe in Orchardville, Texas, from the ground floor of a converted, old—and possibly haunted—downtown home. She even had plans to grow her business with a new outdoor patio…if only the mayor wouldn’t have turned her down.

So when the beloved mayor is found murdered, Mandy finds herself among the suspects. And now business at the cafe is dropping faster than a fallen soufflé. How can she prove her innocence and save the Rose Cottage Cafe?

Thankfully Ben, the new owner of The Orchardville Gazette, doesn’t believe she’s guilty. As the two of them set out to find the real killer, they uncover one small-town lie after the next. But the closer they get to learning the truth about who killed the mayor, the more in danger they find themselves.

My Review:

Mandy is the owner of the Rose Cottage Cafe in downtown Orchardville, Texas.  Things are running mostly smoothly until the mayor of the city is found dead - the possibility of homicide certainly proves true when certain evidence is found at the scene.  Having been openly vocal about her distaste in the mayor's rejection of her request to add a patio to the restaurant puts Mandy at the top of the list of suspects.  Between Mandy and Ben, the new tenant in the building who just purchased The Orchardville Gazette, trying to solve the demise of the mayor may prove to be tomorrow's next best headline!

The mystery in Big Hair and Buttermilk Pie was light one without a whole lot of complications. The plot flowed along nicely, making the book a quick and easy read.  The characters are interesting, although we don't get a lot of backstory.  As far as cozies go, this one was pretty simple, straightforward, and enjoyable.  There is a certain amount of swiftness to the ending of the book; the discovery of the murderer(s) and the tying up of the mystery, but all-in-all Big Hair and Buttermilk Pie was pretty good.  The addition of the possible ghost living in the building was an interesting idea but never really explored.  I hope that the ghost theme is developed in future books.  It's no fun having the possibility of a haunted house no proof either way.

  Review copy courtesy of the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:

Praise for the Book:

Big Hair & Buttermilk Pie is packed with wonderfully worded passages, some super fun characters, and drool-worthy recipes!

Quick, cozy, and with many sweet treats, Big Hair and Buttermilk Pie is a quick read, that can easily be read in a day or sitting.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story as it had everything including the bad people getting what is due to them. Such a great book..

Fans of cozy mysteries will feel right at home with this new series, and fans of baked goods in general will be craving a run … to their local bakery … by the time they’re finished reading.

Loved this cozy set in Texas (and in my neck of the woods). Of course the main character owns a bakery so that always catches my interest…plus there is a recipe for buttermilk pie at the end of the book.

The story is very well-written, and the characters are extremely likable.

Big Hair and Buttermilk pie is a good, tightly written cozy mystery read with plenty of interesting characters and Texas charm.

Big Hair & Buttermilk Pie is a fun and easy to read cozy mystery. It has a good mixture of humor, mystery, and a touch of romance that will easily keep the reader engaged as they follow Mandy and Ben’s amateur investigative adventure.

Meet the Author:

After her twenty-year career in magazine publishing came to a screeching halt faster than you can say “print is dead,” Lori Stacy decided it was time to finally turn the many stories she had been crafting in her head over the years into books.

Lori has authored a number of fiction and nonfiction books for young adults, has written articles for both print and online publications, and has written about hotels for one of the world’s leading search engines.

She lives in Texas with her husband and three children. When she is not writing, you can usually find her in the kitchen baking treats (which she says are for her children) or trying to train their hundred-pound golden retriever, an obedience school dropout.

You can find out more about Lori and her latest books at, provided she didn’t forget to pay her web hosting bill.

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