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Exclusive Excerpt from Black Lightning by K.S. Jones #SciFi #MiddleGrade #Fantasy @MirrorWorldPub @KSJones2011

About Black Lightning:

Life moves on — no matter what...

Following his father’s puzzling disappearance and his mother’s death, ten-year-old Samuel Baker goes through the motions of living in a world turned upside down. He wears an Apache talisman, a long ago gift from his father, in hopes its promise of strength and guidance is true. But what he truly wants is the power to bring his parents back. 

Heartless Aunt Janis is elated at the prospect of becoming Samuel’s legal guardian. She is sure an orphan boy will elicit such an outpouring of public sympathy that her husband will win his Senate bid by a landslide. But when Grandpa Tate arrives, things don’t go as expected, especially when black lightning strikes!

From the award-winning author of Shadow of the Hawk

Title: Black Lightning

Author Name: K.S. Jones

Genre(s): Middle Grade, Science Fiction, Fantasy

Length: Approx. 132 pages

Release Date: May 17, 2016

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing (www.mirrorworldpublishing.com)

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Read an Excerpt:

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Aunt Janis snapped. “Why would I be crying?” She pushed a fallen flame-red curl to the side, away from her eyes. She turned to Uncle Jack and said, “I sent the photographer home. This blasted rain has ruined my makeup and now it’s wreaking havoc with my hair. We certainly don’t need pictures looking like this!” Hastily, she ushered Samuel toward their waiting car.

Dots of rain speckled the sheer scarf draped over Aunt Janis’s hair, making it look as if diamonds decorated its thin material. As she tottered across the rain-soaked lawn, her high heels popped in and out of the ground until her sludge-covered shoes slipped on a bare mud spot, nearly sliding out from under her. Samuel grabbed her arm to steady her steps. “Are you okay, Aunt Janis?”

“Just walk!” Looking down at Samuel, Aunt Janis eyed him head to toe. “You’ve got a lot to learn young man. A true gentleman would have thrown his coat down over that muddy mess so my feet wouldn’t have slipped.”

“The new suit you bought me is too small,” Samuel admitted. “I barely got the jacket on, but I’d be glad to throw it in the mud if I could get it off.”

Aunt Janis huffed, muttering words that sounded like ungrateful brat as she jerked his arm forward.

As they neared the car, Mr. Hollis, a family friend and their small town attorney, raced past Samuel shouting, “Senator!” Waving his arm as if hailing a taxi, he called out to Uncle Jack. “I’ll need everyone together at Tess’s house to go over the will. Can you gather the family and meet me there?”

Uncle Jack nodded as Samuel opened the rear car door of the Mercedes. Its leather seat squeaked as he scooted across to the middle. He used a handkerchief to wipe off the wet grass clippings that clung to his new shoes then he crumpled the dirty cloth and pushed it into the pocket of his coat. Aunt Janis had already warned him not to get the car dirty and Samuel had promised her he wouldn’t, so when a few blades of grass fell onto the carpeted floorboard, he picked them up, one-by-one, and tucked them inside his pants pocket. He waited for Grandpa Tate to get in beside him.

“See you at the house,” Aunt Janis called out before sliding into the front passenger seat. Uncle Jack closed the back door then grasped the steering wheel, pulling himself inside.

“Isn’t Grandpa Tate coming with us?” Samuel asked.

“He can follow us in his taxi, Sam,” Aunt Janis said. “Goodness knows,” she whispered to Uncle Jack, “I’d hate to have to make small talk with that old coot.”

“Don’t call him names, Janis,” Uncle Jack said as he glanced at Samuel in the rear-view mirror.

“I simply can’t wait to read tomorrow’s newspaper!” Placing her hands in the air before her, Aunt Janis squared her thumb and forefinger on each hand to frame an imaginary headline: “SENATOR JACK TAYLOR ADOPTS ORPHAN BOY. You’re sure to win re-election now!”

“If you’ve forgotten the magic that lives in a child’s heart, this book will remind you. Black Lightning is a rare and beautiful mythic journey about one boy’s struggle with paralyzing grief and the powerful bonds that can carry a person through this world and beyond...” W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear USA TODAY and NEW YORK TIMES bestselling authors of People of the Thunder

Meet the Author:

Karen (K.S.) Jones grew up in California, but now lives in the beautiful Texas Hill Country northwest of San Antonio with her husband, Richard, and their dogs Jack Black, Libby Loo, and Red Bleu. Black Lightning is her first middle-grade novel. She credits her love of fantasy to the early influences of authors J.R.R. Tolkien, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells. Her award-winning first novel, Shadow of the Hawk, a Young Adult Historical, released in 2015.

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