Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Book #Review: The Descendants (The Souls Series, Book One) by Jaclyn E. Brod

It’s the year 2030 and the world has been waging a war, thanks to Doctor Grant, who experiments on human beings. But there’s only one experiment that can save mankind, but will she be able to before she dies?

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Publication Date: February 2, 2016

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The world looks bleak in Jaclyn E. Brod's futuristic world created in The Descendants. Employees within Dr. Grant's lab are nothing more than slaves doing her bidding. The guards are protecting the Confinement - but from what or who? When head guard Theo is reassigned to guard duty in the lab, he comes to the realization that maybe the prisoners aka Experiments are not the evil creatures they all have been lead to believe. Joining forces with Jaxs, a female Experiment, Raven the Reaper, and a handful of his most trusted subordinates, Theo and his group devise a plan of escape. Will the plan work and will they live to see another day?

The Descendants is a pretty good story about those who blindly follow finally realizing that their leader may be up to no good. The character development and world building is done slowly but nicely. There is definitely a shift in Theo's character as the horrors of what transpires in the Lab breach his conscience. Unable to continue standing idly by, Theo begins to really look at things in the Lab; how things are run, who the other Experiments are, why there is a huge metal box...

Some of the dialogue is choppy but the storyline and characters are interesting. The book is engaging and it's hard to put the book down until you know how the book ends. There is a small amount of suspense built into the story and you wonder who is going to win - a classic pairing of good vs. evil. The book is suitable for most age groups in terms of content.

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