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Book #Review: Because I Love Him by Christina OW

Rafael DeLuca and Talia McKenna fall in love when the Italian business mogul goes to Boston to visit one of his family’s companies international offices and she is assigned to be his guide. But Rafe is already engaged and his marriage is also meant to merge his father's and future father-in-law's companies. He calls off the wedding and just days later, he finds Talia in bed with his brother.

Months later Rafe is ready to fulfill his obligation by marrying his fiance and commit to his family responsibility but Talia crushes his wedding. She isn’t ready to let go of him just yet.

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Because I Love Him

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Talia McKenna can't believe she's sitting in the church waiting for the man she loves to marry someone else. Rafael DeLuca is just as shocked to see her in the church with a lawyer who, on behalf of Talia, just objected to the marriage. When she steps into the aisle in front of him, the world shifts, and will never be the same - for either of them.

Because I Love Him is a great novella with captivating characters and well thought out plot. The story begins a few months after a hot and steamy romance in Boston. Talia still doesn't understand what caused Rafe to flee, leaving her alone and pregnant (this is not a spoiler if you looked closely at the cover of the book on Goodreads). After Talia crashes Rafe's wedding, secrets slowly start unraveling, events unfold, and Rafe discovers that sometimes family cannot be trusted.

The interactions between Talia and Rafe were written quite well. The entire story is realistic and full of descriptive content, like the reader is actually in the book with the characters. Beginning the story with such an explosive scene in the church will definitely grab the reader. The entire book is engaging and I was unable to put it down until I finished.

There isn't anything in this book that detracted from the story.

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