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Paperback ARC Review: Wedding Night with the Earl: The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels, Book 3 by Amelia Grey

A stubborn nobleman and a willful young woman are at the heart of bestselling author Amelia Grey's newest love story.

Can An Improper Proposal

Adam Greyhawke is through with marriage. After losing his wife at a young age, he's more interested in carousing and gambling at the Heirs' Club than taking another trip to the altar. When his obligations as the Earl of Greyhawke thrust him into the heart of Society, he dreads the boredom that only a ballroom can inspire in a roguish scoundrel. That is, until he meets a bewitching young woman who captures his curiosity—and reminds him just how delicious desire can be.

Lead To True And Lasting Passion?

Miss Katharine Wright is accustomed to men interested only in her generous dowry. Adam's attraction is far more powerful—he tests her wits and her courage at every turn, until she finds herself longing to fulfill an everlasting passion she never imagined was possible. But the breathtakingly handsome nobleman is as stubborn as he is scandalous, and Katharine must be the one to convince him that real love is worth any risk…

Book Details:

Series: The Heirs' Club (Book 3)
Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks (March 1, 2016)
ISBN-10: 1250042224
ISBN-13: 978-1250042224

My Review:

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Wedding Night with the Earl is the end of an era that has Amelia Grey at the helm.  Book three in the The Heirs' club of Scoundrels is the final story in the series and features Bachelor #3 ~ Adam Greyhawke, or newly monikered Earl of Greyhawke.  After losing his wife and unborn son two years ago, Adam left London Society to live alone in a cabin.  When the Prince sends his messenger to seek out the whereabouts of Adam, his reason for the visit thrusts Adam right back into the middle of Society.  Unable to refuse the Prince's directions, with his orphaned cousin in tow, Adam reintroduces himself as Earl of Greyhawke and Master Dixon as his heir.

Katharine Wright is the protected niece of the Duke of Quillsbury.  She is under is his care until properly wed after the deaths of her entire family in a carriage accident made her an orphan.  Unable to walk without a cane or dance during the Season, Katharine observes each event from the sidelines as she tries her hardest to choose a proper gentleman to court her.  At the event hosted at her home, she's shocked when the handsome Earl of Greyhawke requests a twirl around the dance floor.

Adam is drawn to Katharine the second he steps into home of the Duke of Quillsbury.  He's not looking for a wife but he can't keep his eyes off of her.  She's beautiful and she's not afraid to banter back and forth with him.  So goes the ping pong ball as Adam an't leave her alone then tells her that they can never be wed.  He can't do to Katherine what he did to Annie.  He will never allow any woman to carry his child again as could not stand to lose her and the babe.  This causes quite the interesting courtship.

Wedding Night with the Earl is a fantastic conclusion to The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels series.  Amelia Grey does a great job on Adam's story.  Adam has been written as a fantastic scoundrel to Katharine's proper lady.  The connection between them is dynamic and instant.  The chemistry sizzled on the pages every time Adam and Katharine were even remotely close, and down right scorched the page when they were together.  Written in a believable way, I couldn't help but sit on the edge of my seat waiting for their perfect pairing.  Of course, their path wasn't straight, smooth, or without difficulty.  

Wedding Night with the Earl affected me the same way the rest of the books in the series did. One of my favorite parts of this novel was that way the author could draw out the emotions of the characters in such a way that the reader also feels them. This, in my opinion, it was separates the excellence from the so-so. I want to be able to feel the anguish as if I'm the person upset; I want to cry if that's what the scene calls for; I want to feel the humiliation, embarrassment, and unease; and I want to laugh at the silliness of the antics that are written on the page. Wedding Night with the Earl has several scenes that just take over and control my emotions and that is what it's all about. A book could have the perfect plot, excellent characters, and a great story but if it doesn't pull me in, keep me engaged, and run me through a gauntlet of emotions then all that greatness is wasted. Fortunately, this novel has a fantastic plot, excellent characters, a great story, and is full of superbly written scenes with emotional content that are believable.

Paperback ARC provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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