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Book Review: Outside The Lines (Love Beyond Reason, Book #2) by Beth Rhodes

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For the first time in her life, good-girl Maria Rodriguez throws aside caution for an all-consuming desire. She wants freedom from rules and her family looking over her shoulder. She wants the love she’s only ever dreamed of. But then that love walks away. Jaded bachelor David March doesn't believe in love. His fling with the pretty Hispanic woman from California is as close to feeling as he wants to get. Now, he’s back home, burying himself in work and trying to forget.

Shortly after he leaves, Maria finds out she’s pregnant. Her first leap into freedom results in a life-changing consequence. She knows she has to find him. But what she finds is not what she expects. David is not the down-to-earth man he portrayed. And the love she remembers has been replaced by cold calculation and contracts. He lied to her once. Can she trust that a marriage agreement will bring back the love they once shared?

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Publication Date: December 8, 2015

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Outside the Lines is a fully captivating novel by Beth Rhodes.  Maria Rodriguez is suffocated by her family.  They hover, make her decisions, and their treatment of her makes Maria feel inferior.  When she meets David March, he's the breath of fresh air she's been craving.  He lets her be her and appreciates everything about her.

Then, in a blink of an eye, he's gone.

Maria soon discovers that their nights of unbridled passion has thrust her and David into parenthood.  In order to hide it from her family, she embarks on an across country trip to find out what happened to David.  What she finds when she gets to his home is nothing like she expected.  Who is this David March and what did he do with one that Maria loves?

David suggests a marriage contract that will provide their unborn child with both parents.  They will live together but there won't be any emotional attachment.  Coming from a close-knit, warm family, Maria doesn't know she can handle this type of cold, impersonal relationship.

David is no stranger to cold relationships devoid of intimacy.  After is parents divorced, he never saw his mother again until after he turned 18.  His father is 150% all business.  The woman who wants to be his wife is only a trophy and David has no feelings for her.  Then Maria walks back into his life.  He can make this contractual, he just knows it - except his heart may have other ideas.

Beth Rhodes has written a wonderful second book in her Love Beyond Reason series. The dialogue of her characters is fluid, understandable, and smooth. There aren't any uncomfortable sections or areas that I felt needed to skip. The author provided enough background and details to convey the story but not so many that it felt cluttered or over-embellished.

 Outside the Lines is a fantastic book about complicated families, heartbreaking pasts, and hopeful futures.  The story is realistic and evokes the reader's emotions - excellence.  By Chapter 2, the emotional content had me feeling Maria's pain at David's callous words.  By Chapter 3 I knew this book was going to be a 5 star hit.

I enjoyed every moment of Maria and David's story.

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