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#ARC Review: Moondancers (The Beautiful Creatures of Beverly Hills, Book 1) by E. Van Lowe

From the author of #1 Teen Horror novel Boyfriend From Hell and The Falling Angels Saga comes a new paranormal series that asks “do you believe in soulmates?”

About Moondancers:

Do you believe in Soulmates?

Josh Butters didn’t until the summer of his sixteenth birthday. That summer a creature began haunting the pools of Beverly Hills, and a beautiful girl moved next door. Does Josh see a secret connection between the girl and the creature?

The summer of Josh Butters’ sixteenth birthday will be very different from all the summers that have come before.

That summer Josh will meet his one true love.
That summer there will be an amazing and romantic adventure.
That summer one of them is going die.
That summer the girl of Josh Butters’ dreams is right before his eyes. But the price for loving her may be far too high.

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Moondancers (The Beautiful Creatures of Beverly Hills Book 1)

My Review:

Moondancers is a twisted tale of true love and folklore.

Josh thought this summer was going to be typical of those in the past - hanging out with his best friends. He wasn't expecting to get caught up in the lives of the new neighbor and her cousin. Alan, Conner, and Josh planned to just observe from afar and not get too up close or personal. That changes while the boys were playing around by Alan's pool. The mysterious new neighbors make their presence known when Conner tries to show off in the pool.

The lives of Josh, Alan, and Conner are about to change in ways they never thought possible. As creatures are revealed that are only talked about in storybooks, Josh gets pulled into their world in more ways than one. He also watches Alan enter that same world but in a completely different way. Conner finds out the hard way as he sinks to the bottom of Alan's pool, held down by a ghastly monster.

Alan is pulled in by the alluring Alexia, his new neighbor. Josh is pulled in by Alexia's cousin, Lara, and forced to stay involved as Lara's family uses conniving and threats to get him to do their bidding. Conner is attacked by the monster that lives in Alan's pool. Now Josh has to find out what the monster is, where it came from, and how to rid it from their lives. Of course, it's not going to be that simple, especially when Lara explains to him exactly what is going on.

E. Van Lowe's Moondancers is a very unique story.  It's a mature young adult (15+ y/o) story told from Josh's point of view.  It's not sappy or overly emotional; it's realistic (the romance, not the paranormal creatures) and wonderfully told.  The pacing of the book is fast and the tale is engaging.

The character development is done well and the world building is excellent.  I felt like I was in the story and got to know each character individually.  Josh's character is a typical teenager that finds himself at the crossroads of being a kid and maturing into make decisions to protect his family and Lara.  Lara is a nice character on the opposite side of the line than her mother.  Lara wants to protect Josh and her mom wants to coerce him by using his family - regarding what, you'll have to read the book to find out for yourself.

Warning ~ there is a cliffhanger ending,,.,

ARC review copy provided by the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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