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Book Review ~ Two Moons of Sera, Volume 2 by Pavarti K. Tyler

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Volume Two in the Two Moons of Sera series. Continue to follow the adventure of Tor and Sera!

In a world where water and earth teem with life, Serafay is an anomaly. The result of genetic experiments on her mother's water-borne line Serafay will have to face the very people responsible to discover who she really is. But is she the only one?

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My Review:

When I obtained Two Moons of Sera, they were in a 4 Volume series.  Now, I believe it is one book. 

The Amazon link is:  Two Moons of Sera

Here is the link to my review of Vol. 1:

Volume 2 finds Sera and Tor, along with Elgon, Tor's canine companion, being discovered by others in the area. In order to protect them, and possibly figure out exactly who she is, Sera persuades Tor to go with the newcomers. They are taken to a compound where Sera and Tor try to fit in - will they get information they seek before being outed as imposters?

This was a great addition to the story told in Vol. 1 and gives a little more insight into the world that has surrounded Tor and Sera. They were isolated from everyone and everything, which worked to their advantage since Sera is a hybrid - she's the genetic result of experimentation between 2 species. She's half-Sualwet and half-Erlander and wants to know what exactly that means.  She's hoping that being at the compound helps answer her questions. 

Written in a steady style, Two Moons of Sera Vol. 2 continues the tale of two outcasts who suddenly find themselves among strangers.  The story is full of different emotions as Tor tries to acclimate to his surroundings while Sera tries to fit in by talking to others in their housing unit.  Neither are sure this is the best solution but until they can find a way out, they are stuck.  I love the sweet romance that seems to be brewing between Sera and Tor and can't wait to start the next part of the story.

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