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Book Review: Tex's Bloody Ground by Jason H. Campbell

About the Book:

They had him running, and he was not the running kind. He lay low over his horse; his shirt was stuck to his back, soaked in blood. He knew they meant to kill him. One man alone he could take, but they were many. And like an animal outnumbered by wolves, he ran for his life

One of the men he had killed was riding his horse. A horse that he had raised himself from a colt. Now it had been any other horse, he wouldn’t have minded so much. He’d just steal him back. So when they stole Ole Blue, they made a mistake. Ole Blue was tall, and built for speed, with not an ounce of fat on him. And when he felt like moving, there wasn’t a horse around that could keep up with him.

So when he fount out what happened. He just saddled up his mare, and lit out after them, following the tracks. The trail finally stopped at a little town, riding in slow he tied the mare up, and strolled in. Where he came from, back in the mountains of Kentucky he was taught one thing the weak brag and the strong do without talking. As soon as he stepped in, he took one look at the man he knew had stole his horse, then he went for his gun.

Book Details:

Paperback: 206 pages
Publisher: America Star Books (January 25, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1456054317
ISBN-13: 978-1456054311

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My Review:

Tex's Bloody Ground is not for the faint of heart.  There is so much bloodshed that the cover depicted above is pretty accurate.  So much bloodshed, in fact, that it completely detracted from whatever story the author was trying to tell. Truth be told, I'm not really sure what that story is supposed to be. 

When I was given a copy of the book (a long time ago) I was a new blogger/book reviewer.  I accepted it not really realizing that Tex's Bloody Ground has absolutely no synopsis anywhere.  You go to Goodreads and there isn't a book description anywhere; the same goes for Amazon.  I was just excited that I had someone offer me their book to review.  

The synopsis I have typed above is what was provided to me by the author.  At the time I figured the story was going to be about a cowboy trying to get his horse back.  When I started reading the book a few days ago I realized that the synopsis provided to me is actually the first three paragraphs of Chapter 1.  So, what started as a cowboy getting his stolen horse back, turned into a lot of western cowboy justice - whether it was deserved or not.  

I had a really hard time finishing the book.  The plot is all over the place.  The sentence structure needs a lot of work in many places.  There is punctuation in the middle of sentences (such as periods) that are completely inappropriate and caused me to go back and have to re-read them.  There are so many abrupt thought/scene/dialogue changes that it's really hard to keep up with what is going on - and like I said above, even after I read the very last word of the book, I'm still not sure what exactly the story was supposed to be conveying.  

I wasn't able to really get into the book at all.  None of the characters were likable at any point.  The only exception may be the girl that Tex saves from a brutal sexual assault at the hands of a bunch of ruthless men.   Then again, we only get a glimpse of her, then she's dumped off at her grandfather's, only to resurface at the end because Tex now wants to marry her.  Ah, what?!

I truly believe that the author was trying to put too much into one book.  Nothing is really well developed in terms of world building, character descriptions, or linking of events to other happenings in the story.  At times, we went a half of a chapter or more without any mention of Tex.  Each situation that goes on in the book is rushed.  If the author took the time to build his western (blood and all), he may have been able to actually produce a decent 2 or 3 book series, or more.   

I received a copy of this book from the author an embarrassingly long time ago.  


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