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Review: Entangled Bliss Novel ~ How to Lose a Bachelor by Anna Banks

About How to Lose a Bachelor:

A sweet category romance from Entangled's Bliss imprint...

Revenge was never this much fun...

When Rochelle Ransom auditioned for the dating show Luring Love, she had big plans for winning the prize money to help her favorite charity-and if she won the hot bachelor's heart, even better. But at the last minute she finds out the hot bachelor is her ex-boyfriend, Grant Drake. Desperate to keep her distance from him, she'll do anything-and everything-to get voted off.

Years ago, Rochelle broke Grant's heart, and he's out for revenge. There's no way he'll vote her off.

After all, vengeance is a dish best served red-hot...and on live television.

When her hilarious antics to get kicked off the show escalate, Grant's reminded why he fell in love with her the first time. Now he isn't sure which might be more fun... Seeing how far Rochelle is willing to go to get away or how far he will to keep her forever(Cover photo and synopsis are courtesy of the book's page on

Book Details:

Title: How to Lose a Bachelor
Author: Anna Banks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-63375-4-546
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Imprint: Bliss

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My Review:

How to Lose a Bachelor is a really cute romance story with a reality show base. Rochelle auditions for Luring Love in hopes of staying on the show long enough to win the prize money so she can give it to her favorite charity. The bachelor on the show would just be icing on the cake. That is, unless the bachelor in question just happens to be her ex. All bets are off when Rochelle comes face-to-face with Grant. Not thinking the prize money is worth having to be on the same show with him, Rochelle pulls some pretty outrageous stunts in hopes that she'll get voted off.

Toss in a shady producer who cares more about ratings and nothing about human interaction and you have one heck of a contemporary romance book.

As Rochelle and Grant are placed into situations that force them to communicate, the lightbulb turns on. They realize that what happened all those years ago may have just been a domino effect of misunderstandings. This story is case of never falling out of love but moving on with life because the events dictate it be that way. It's too bad it took so long for them to figure things out.

Rochelle is a wonderful main character. I love how she's on the show to help her favorite charity. Falling in love isn't a bad consolation prize either. Grant is kind of arrogant but when his caveman instincts reveal themselves, his actions shift slightly. Both Rochelle and Grant are clearly meant for one another but, just like it is in real life, if you don't communicate then things are bound to go wrong or be misunderstood. It doesn't matter if you're a lawyer, self-made billionaire, construction worker, or a retail clerk - if you don't talk to your loved ones, the relationships rarely work out or aren't very strong.

Just for the record - I hate reality shows. I will not watch The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. On that note, however, I couldn't resist grabbing a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing when it was offered to me. I loved the premise of the book - long ago love, revenge, humor, and working out problems. The story was very engaging and pulled me in from the very beginning. I'm glad I chose to read How to Lose a Bachelor.

One of the best parts of the book was how Anna Banks wrote the reuniting of Grant and Rochelle. Second chance romances have such potential to be great - as long as they are written well and not cheesy. The author did a great job making both of the characters work for this. They BOTH had to discuss what happened and why it happened way back when.  Neither was exempt from laying it all out on the table -- so to speak.  

How to Lose a Bachelor was such a fun read.  I enjoyed the mechanisms behind the reality show and the antics of Rochelle as she tried so hard to get voted off of the show.  The stubbornness of both Rochelle and Grant made for great entertainment.  The dialogue between all of the characters, including secondaries, was smooth and easy to follow.  There weren't any moments of "What?  I have to read that all of again because it just doesn't make sense."  The plot was solid and the author writes very well.  Anna Banks has now made my favorite Entangled Publishing authors list.  

Review copy courtesy of the publisher, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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