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Short Story #Review: Riana's Revenge by Dale Mayer #Fantasy

This short story was first published in the anthology Every Witch Way But Wicked.

About the Story:

A young hydromancer must win a challenge to save her place as rightful heir to her elemental House. When she discovers her ex - the man she still loves - is one of the judges, she wonders just how many enemies she's really fighting.

Riana has lived her life hidden away from the envious eyes of those who would take over her house and all that comes with it. As long as her mother, the powerful elder lived, the house was untouchable. When she died, secrecy was...everything.

Then someone found out...

Book Details:

Kindle File Size: 214 KB
Print Length: 38 pages
Publisher: Valley Publishing (December 2, 2014)
Publication Date: December 2, 2014

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My Review:

Riana Tarran is a hydromancer and has secretly been the ruler of her Elemental House since the death of her mother, the elder.  Now, a greedy ruler of a different faction has stepped forward forcing her hand to a dual to the death. The challenge was strategically organized to before the birthday that would see Riana truly come into her powers. How else would a lying, sneaky, underhanded, abusive ruler be able to convince the Court that Riana is not who she says she is and that her mother was a liar?

The day of the challenge, Riana discovers that one of the judges of the challenge is her ex - Bronan, son of the barbarian who brought about the events of this day.

I wasn't sure what to expect from such a short story.  Some I've read are excellent and others not so much.  I was pleasantly surprised at how well this short was developed, laid out, and described.  The plot was fleshed out nicely and the story was easy to follow and engaging.  The characters were written well and described without too much detail or lacking any pertinent backstory.  

If you have about 30 minutes to spare and love fantasy romance (no sex) grab a copy of Riana's Revenge - you won't be disappointed.

Review copy courtesy of my personal library.

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