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Review: Stormdancer (Sequel to The Watcher) by Joshua Pantalleresco

The Storm is here...

About Stormdancer:

Days after the events featured in The Watcher, the Watcher is taken hostage by a dragon, leaving Kristen, Will and Nicki alone in a strange new world. With no choice but to try and rescue their friend, Kristen and the others must travel through ancient cities, forgotten burial grounds, and eventually into the heart of the great storm.

Faced with the unknown, will they be able to traverse the storms that stand before them as well as ones within their own hearts?

Book Details:

Title: Stormdancer (Sequel to The Watcher)

Author Name:  Joshua Pantalleresco

Genre(s): Poetry, Sci-Fi, Dystopian

Tags: Poetry, Epic, Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic, science-fiction, dragons

Length: Approx. 104 pages

E-book:  978-0-9947490-4-8
Paperback:  978-0-9947490-3-1

Release Date: October 1, 2015

Publisher:  Mirror World Publishing (

Appropriate for all ages from Young Adult to Adult.

My Review:

Here is the link to my review of The Watcher:

This review will contain spoilers from The Watcher.  I apologize in advance.

The Watcher, after returning to the compound to battle the dragons at the end of book one, returns back to the wilderness he now calls home.  Only this time, he brings along his rescued friends; Will, Nicki, and Kristen.  All four of them had to leave being other friends and family members before the dragons regrouped.

The Watcher's freedom doesn't last, however.  Soon after returned to the remnants of The Watcher's home, he disappears into the foliage surrounding them.  Will, Nicki, and Kristen are left utterly alone in an unfamiliar world.  The story then takes an abrupt (but necessary) shift to another character's point-of-view.

Kristen wasn't really friends with The Watcher, which makes leaving the compound and her complacent lifestyle a bitter pill to swallow.  Now that he is missing, she realizes his importance to her.  With Will and Nicki, the trio knows that they must find him at all costs.

The poetry within Stormdancer is original and fresh. The length of the book is short but it is packed full of engaging words and imagery that is accentuated with artist renderings. What a wonderful blending of fantasy and post-apocalyptic poetry.

There is so much expression in this novel. Suspense is built up as the drama unfolds as the trio is lead on the "hunt" to find The Watcher. The poetry form of Stormdancer is beautifully written and engaging.  The story kept my attention from start to finish.

My Rating:

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Read an Excerpt:


he ran
disappearing into the night
leaving us all alone

we tried to follow him
but were unsure of the trees and trails
we went slowly

we knew something had happened
when we found his blades in the forest
blackened and alone

he had come
like a force of nature
wrecking our lives
in the name of freedom
freedom from what?

the hollow embers and ashes we found
I didn't build them
those ruins were his story
not mine
never mine

I...was happy
yeah, I was happy
is there something wrong with that?

my parents loved me
I didn't care about anything else

the dragons were bastards
but I understood the game
the moves that could be made

with one flick of a blade
he changed all that
shattered the illusion with a roar of rebellion

now my life is here
in this forest
now he had vanished into the night
leaving me abandoned

leaving everything in shambles!

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Mirror World Publishing

Meet the Author:

Joshua Pantalleresco writes stuff. It's even on his business card. This is a succinct way of saying that in addition to writing poetry, he also does interviews, columns, comics, prose and anything possible with the written word. When he isn't writing, he's playing with podcasts, filming stuff, fiddling with alternative medicine, travelling, talking to people and pretending he is a rockstar. Stormdancer is his second book through Mirror World Publishing. He lives in Calgary.

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