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Review: Heart of Venom (Elemental Assassin, Book 9) by Jennifer Estep #UrbanFantasy

When I say you’re a dead man, take that literally.

About Heart of Venom:

When I say you’re a dead man, take that literally.

To me, killing people is like a day at the salon: cut and dry. Well, more like rinse and repeat when you moonlight as the assassin the Spider. But my last spa day ended redder than my freshly painted nails after a twisted Fire elemental and his goons kidnapped my close friend Sophia Deveraux and nearly killed her sister Jo-Jo in the process.

Up Ashland’s most dangerous mountains, and deep into the heart of its blackest woods — I’ll track these thugs no matter where they take Sophia. It doesn’t matter what kind of elemental magic they try to throw at me, my Ice and Stone powers can take the heat and then some. I will get Sophia back, over their dead bodies.

Because anybody that hurts Gin Blanco’s family becomes a body.

Book Details:

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Print Length: 385 pages
Publisher: Pocket Books (August 27, 2013)
Publication Date: August 27, 2013
Sold by: Simon and Schuster Digital Sales Inc

My Review:

In Heart of Venom, Sophia and Jojo's demons come back to haunt them. After many years of not having to look over their shoulders, the crazy fire wielding brother/sister team of Harley and Hazel Grimes are back. Harley is determined to reclaim Sophia for his very own sick and twisted compound hidden up in the mountains. When Gin ambushes the crazy twins, she can't believe just what has been transpiring on this mountain for many, many years.

Saving Sophia takes an emotional and physical toll on Gin; ones that make the reader wonder if this is the end for The Spider. The horrors against Sophia that she witnesses at the hands of the Grimes' and their goons would be enough to mess anyone up. Yet, even with the emotional toll and the physical toll, Gin finds a way to take care of business.

Owen is back in this book a fair amount of time. He's come to the realization, finally, that he's an idiot. His re-entry in the land of those who take care of one another and have each other's backs isn't smooth, however. Gin has some pretty hefty decisions to make regarding the man who put all of his faith into a psycho ex-lover instead of the woman he professed to love over and over again in the year-ish that they've been together.

As in the last book, Gin really impresses me in Heart of Venom. Some have said that Gin is a pushover, that she's so desperate for love that she clings or ignores or grasps as whatever scraps she's thrown. I'm hear to state that's a load of crap. If you've read the other books, especially those where Owen fell off the sanity wagon, then you know that she didn't drag her ass over to Owen begging to be forgiven for killing Salina. She didn't grovel at his feet and ask him to take her back. She stayed away from Owen, giving them both the space they needed to deal with what Salina had brought to Ashland.

Now, here's the absolute best part about Heart of Venom - This book was able to do something that hasn't been done yet with this series - I became emotional - and more than once. There are just so many moments that are written so realistically by Jennifer Estep. Owen, Gin, Sophia, Jojo - all captivating and full of heartache, trauma, fear, and uncertainty.

Heart of Venom is another fantastic installment of the Elemental Assassin series. The entire series has pulled me in and kept me engaged from the very beginning. These are the types of books that have me longing for the next one. They are written with vivid descriptions and genuine feelings, allowing the reader to become totally immersed in this world. The world building continues along with the past that Sophia and Jojo have been able to outrun....until now.

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