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Review: One Last Time by Denise Daisy #TimeTravel

When it comes to love, time is all they need…

One Last Time
by Denise Daisy

Kensington Books
Lyrical Press

eBook: ISBN 1616507470 (ISBN13: 9781616507473)

Approx. 179 pgs.

Pub Date Aug 4, 2015

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One Last Time

About the Book:

Averie is terrified of anything remotely scary, but when she finds herself short of cash, she has no choice but to work on the catering staff at the creepy historic Faulkner mansion. The Faulkner Plantation was the site of a bloody massacre in the 1800s, and the event is an attempt to change its reputation. There's just one catch: the host has more in store than dinner. Soon Avery, along with a handsome guest named Quillan, is transported—back in time…

It's one month before the massacre and Averie and Quillan must find the courage to do more than survive. Together, they must uncover the truth about the Faulkner family and try and stop the murders. But as Averie and Quillan grow closer, the stakes are higher than they expected. Will they be able to put their feelings aside to change the past—and find life, and love, in the place Averie fears the most?

My Review:

Averie has a rough life. As such, in order to help make ends meet, she takes on a catering job working for her friend Mike's mom. The catch? The job is inside a haunted mansion. When the mysterious owner, Mr. Brackett, requests Averie to be a seated guest at the meal, she hesitates until she's offered more money. Little does she know that she's part of an experiment to travel back in time to prevent the heinous crimes.

It helps settle Averie when one of the guests, Quillan, joins the party. When the clock strikes midnight, it's Quillan who transports Averie to safety - all the way back in 1859. Quillan has mastered the art of time travel for the sole purpose of preventing the Faulkner family tragedies. The prevention of the massacre will affect much of the town's lineage and will forever change Averie.

I was pleasantly surprised with this time travel novel. Sure, there are some issues that didn't make sense - such as, when you change the past, you also change the future. This was touched on but for as radical as their murder prevention was described (who died, who didn't, how lived happily ever after, and so forth), the ending didn't seem to change enough. However, I enjoyed the characters, especially how Averie couldn't contain herself and act the part of a late 1800's woman. She ruffled a lot of feathers when she interacted with the slaves, which was not accepted back then.

One issue I had with the book was the POV. I am not a huge fan of 1st person and this book is written that way. First person always seems harsh and more abrupt than 3rd person and I don't find it particularly pleasing to read.

There is a romance that builds throughout the pages but it doesn't overshadow the story. I enjoyed reading about Averie after she's sent back to a time so drastically different to the modern age. She just can't stand idly by during the time of slavery and the Underground Railroad. I enjoyed the historical attributes to the book. All-in-all though, One Last Time was an quick and easy read.

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