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Review ~ Walk on By: A Celebritease Novel (Best Things in Life, Book 1) by @StaceySolomon

About Walk on By:

Ever since Charlotte Taylor was a little girl she’s wanted fame and fortune. She sings with the voice of an angel and is soon plucked out of obscurity and launched into the limelight as the overnight sensation ‘Lola’.

Charlotte attends wild celebrity parties and moves in circles with the rich and famous, but the people living the life of celebrity aren’t all she imagined them to be and neither is her life. Struggling to find the real Charlotte again she battles against the crazy life she’s thrust into, desperately trying to swim to the surface.

Blake Hudson is a self-made man. Successful in his own right, he’s busy making his own mark on the world. Self-assured, strong and determined, he’s not looking for a permanent relationship. But when he meets the sweet and charming Charlotte, he’s captivated. But the world of celebrity and business collide and commitments, half-truths and unintentional deception don’t make for smooth sailing.

Hilarious consequences ensue through this romantic comedy, but can Lola and Blake overcome the challenges that life and fame throw their way to find their own happy-ever-after, or will Lola just have to Walk on By?

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Publication Date: February 5, 2015
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Walk on By: A Celebritease Novel (Best Things in Life Book 1)

My Review:

Charlotte's rise to fame as beloved singer Lola was quick and intense. Wanting to escape her new life temporarily, Charlotte crosses the pond into the United States. Her album hasn't been release there yet so her obscurity should be upheld until she goes back home. She wasn't expecting to meeting someone as soon as she landed. She certainly didn't expect to for a relationship or to fall in love.

Blake's a bit stand-offish with women since the last one is still trying to destroy him. He's not really looking for a relationship. When he casually bumps into Charlotte, he's attracted immediately. Along with that attraction and wanting to spend time with Charlotte comes a lot of baggage - from both of them.

Charlotte doesn't want to reveal who she really is because she loves the fact that Blake wants to be with her because of who Charlotte is and not because of who Lola is. Blake, in turn, has secrets of his own that come complete with meddling family members and a desire to keep who he is a secret, too. When their secrets are divulged, will Charlotte/Lola and Blake be strong enough to weather the storm?

Walk on By was a great novel. The heroine was feisty and the hero a gentleman. Both main characters were likable and, while most of us aren't rock stars or business moguls, Charlotte and Blake are still human, making them easy to relate to at certain points. The writing was so heartfelt and realistic that I found myself able to feel Charlotte and Blake's emotions.

This novel is one of the best romantic comedies I've read. It isn't watered down or overly dramatic. The characters are realistic and written with emotional layers that are just waiting for the right person to peel away. This isn't and "I fix you/You fix me" type of novel. Charlotte and Blake aren't looking to be put back together. All they want is to be accepted for who they are deep down and not because of the amount of money or fame.

I'd like to thank Totally Bound Publishing for the review copy that was provided to me at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

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