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Review: Engaged in Embellishments (Tulle and Tulips, Book 5.5) by Nikki Duncan

Always a planner, never a bride…until one man vows to mend a broken promise.

About Engaged in Embellishments:

Lori Mullins walks a tightrope every day of her life, acutely aware that there are no guarantees. No guarantee she’s left the demons of her past behind. No guarantee that her future is assured.

Though she believes love is a powerful force, she can’t help but wonder if it is all-conquering.

Trevor Masters runs a successful business, but professional loyalties fail to fulfill his dreams. Dreams that the woman he loves forgives herself for the past. Dreams that she will finally accept his offer for a shared future.

Though some dismiss dreams as nothing more than nice pastimes, he can’t stop believing in their power.

And he finally feels like he’s close to making this one come true.

Warning: Contains a man whose world shatters when he breaks a promise, and a woman who flounders in the debris. All wrapped up in a Glittering Groot. Seriously.

Book Details:

Kindle File Size: 516 KB
Print Length: 44 pages
Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (July 7, 2015)
Publication Date: July 7, 2015

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My Review:

Lori Mullins is in he midst of preparations for an upcoming wedding for her friend when her boyfriend returns to town. When they reconnect, Trevor and Lori are so caught up in the moment that a promise the Trevor made to Lori previously, gets laid to the wayside. This turn of events causes Lori to retreat and begin to question her relationship with Trevor and whether his unfulfilled promise means his love is beginning to wane.

When they reunite at the wedding the next day, Trevor is visibly upset that he hurt Lori. Lori, having the evening prior to herself, makes a huge decision that will affect both of them for the rest of their lives. Hoping that Trevor understands, Lori puts a plan in motion - one that she is in complete control over and one that she hopes will lead to a shared happily-ever-after.

Engaged in Embellishments was such a sweet and romantic short story. Lori has a harsh past and with her comes a lot of baggage. She has a hard time trusting and believing in a future with anyone. Trevor is the love of her life and yet she can't make the commitment to him that he wants.....until that fateful day that he breaks his promise to her. Her self-analyzation proves to have some startling revelations and she hopes that Trevor's forgotten promise doesn't mean he no longer loves her.

Trevor is destroyed by his failed promise keeping. He's almost sure she's turning her back on him when, after waking, he finds her missing from his side. Unable to contact her and not knowing where she is leaves him wracked with guilt and fear. He continues to wonder if he pushed her away for good. His character is charming, sweet, and very considerate.

Both Lori and Trevor are very strong characters. The dialogue between them is so realistic and believable that the reader will feel like they are standing next to the couple. Nikki Duncan does a wonderful job bringing these characters to life. Misunderstandings happen all of the time; it's how you handle them that can make or break a relationship. Talking about the problems, analyzing them, and working through them make relationships stronger.

Please Note: This book contains adult themes.

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