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Review: Birthright (Ivy Granger, Book #4) by E.J. Stevens

Welcome to my review of Birthright (Ivy Granger, Book 4) by E.J. Stevens!!

I highly recommend this series - It's fantastic.

Birthright by E.J. Stevens Ivy Granger urban fantasy series

About the Book:

Being a faerie princess isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Ivy must go to Faerie, but the gateway to the Wisp Court is through Tech Duinn, the house of Donn—Celtic god of the dead. Just her luck.

Unable to share her secret with Jinx, and with Jenna called away on Hunters' Guild business, Ivy must rely on Ceff and Torn to lead her to Death's door, literally, and back again. As if that wasn't dangerous enough, there's no saying what horrors lay in store within the Faerie realm. Too bad the Wisp Court is the one lead Ivy has in the search for her father—and possible salvation.

Maybe hiding away and dodging sidhe assassins isn't so bad after all...

My Review:

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Desperate to learn about her father, Will-o-the-Wisp, and her non-human heritage, Ivy Grainger sets out to enter the land of Faerie. Armed with her boyfriend, Ceff, and an annoying sidhe ally, Torn, she manages to find a hidden portal that takes into the land the back way. A confrontation with unsavory creatures, including Death himself, has her worried that moving about the area isn't at all safe. When she finds her father's Court, her worry becomes even more heightened - especially when Ceff and Torn mysteriously disappear and are accused of theft by Ivy's uncle and his guards.

Ivy sets out to learn as much as she can about her fae heritage in hopes of using her powers to help locate her friends. Unfortunately, Ivy is forced to acknowledge some very harsh truths ~ Ivy's lineage isn't all what she's been lead to believe; her uncle isn't the noble leader that her father's court needs; and she's lost without Ceff. To top it all off, when Ivy and her hearth brownie friend, Skilly, discover a nefarious plan shrouded in treachery, Hell hath no fury like an irate wisp princess.

Birthright is another action-packed installment of the Ivy Granger series. Again, E.J. weaves her literary magic and creates an amazing addition to Ivy Granger's world. Each story in the series is well developed and pulls the reader in from the very beginning. Birthright is very suspenseful and downright sad in some places. I truly feel the despair and then the anger as it builds within Ivy.

As noted in other reviews I've posted of the series, Ivy is written in such a way that she is still brand new; never becoming stagnant, dull, or predictable. She continues to kick butt in the name of protecting her family, friends, and townsfolk. Ivy does all of this while maintaining safe distances since she has the ability of touching objects or people and being able to discern history of said objects/people. Her relationship with Ceff was strong as ever and progressing nicely before leaving Harborsmouth for Faerie.

I have enjoyed the world of Ivy Granger since Book 1. The series is easy to read, understand, and follow. The characters are a hoot - Torn takes the cake in Birthright. He is written with just the right amount of inappropriateness. The good guys and gals are likable and you definitely find yourself rooting for them. The baddies are also well written and sometimes give the reader the shivers ~ which means the author did her job! :)

Please make sure to read the books in order since the world and character building, plotlines, subjects, and themes build off of the previous books.

Review copy courtesy of the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.
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Birthright (Ivy Granger #4) by E.J. Stevens

Release Date:  July 14, 2015

Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

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