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Review: A Haunting is Brewing (A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 6.5) by Juliet Blackwell

About A Haunting is Brewing:

In this all-new novella, New York Times bestselling author Juliet Blackwell’s popular characters from her Witchcraft Mysteries and Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries find themselves joining forces to solve a supernatural dilemma…

When Mel Turner is hired to rehab an old Victorian mansion to act as the eerie setting for a Halloween bash, she’s expecting the normal challenges—old wiring, bad plumbing, maybe a ghostly specter or two. But when a young man is killed after spending the night in the house, and the mannequins in the attic start to come to life, it’s clear that this is serious paranormal activity. Maybe this time, a real witch is needed. 

Recommended by a mutual friend, vintage clothes expert Lily Ivory arrives to offer her help with the mannequins. Armed with Lily’s spells and Mel’s know-how, the two women must figure out the cause of all of the ghostly commotion—before Mel’s renovation project turns into even more of a deadly haunt.
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A Haunting is Brewing is a fantastic blending of the main characters from Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mysteries and Haunted Home Renovation series. With both Lily and Mel based in San Francisco, it was only a matter of time until Juliet had them cross paths. What results is a fantastic novella that combines the talents of both women in the quest to solve a murder. 

Mel Turner, star of the Haunted Home Renovations series, manages to get pulled into yet another volunteer project - the restoration of a Victoria mansion, home of the Spooner Museum. The finished renovation will become home to a Halloween Party to help raise funds for the Museum. When one of the teen volunteers, Adam, ends up dead inside the mansion and ghostly happenings increase, it's time to get another person involved.

Maya, an employee at Aunt Cora's Closet, owned by Lily Ivory, star of the Witchcraft Mysteries, is one of the volunteers working with Mel at the Spooner House. She suggests to Mel that bringing in Lily to inspect the mannequins might help figure out just what is going on. Since it's truly unclear if Adam's death was suicide or sinister, having both Maya, who can see ghosts, and Lily, who can help figure out if the death involved anything out of the ordinary, involved is the best course of action.

As Mel and Lily investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of Adam they delve deeply into history, lore, and the paranormal. Will they figure out the truth before anyone else is harmed?

As per the entire Witchcraft Mystery series and the Haunted Home Renovations series, A Haunting is Brewing is well written, has an interesting and engaging story line, a solid plot, and easy-to-like characters. The dialogue between all characters is smooth and understandable and the novella is an easy, relaxing read.  You don't necessarily have to read all of the books in both series' that lead up to this novella but I highly recommend that you do!

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