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Review: Rescued by the Rancher (a Tall Pines Ranch novel) by Victoria James

Starting over and starting a whole lotta trouble…

About Rescued by the Rancher:

Meredith Anderson left her difficult past behind to create a new life for herself in Tall Pines—where she can be the independent, confident woman she always dreamed of being. Now she's a partner in her sister's wedding planning business, helping brides realize their happily-ever-afters…even as she promises herself to never fall in love.

Meredith's sweetness and vulnerability brings out the protective side of rancher Gage McAllister—even though their worlds are miles apart. All it takes is one night for desire to take hold of them both, a sizzling encounter that can only lead to the promise of more. But Meredith isn't looking for more, and even if she was, Gage is set to leave Tall Pines behind him…
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Book Information:

Title: Rescued by the Rancher (a Tall Pines Ranch novel)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 186 pages
Release Date: April 14, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-63375-254-2
My Thoughts:

Read my review of Book 1, The Rancher's Second Chance.

Meredith Anderson is the sister of Melanie Simms, the heroine from Book 1.  Mer fled her controlling father, mouse of a mother, and psycho ex-fiance in hopes of rekindling her relationship with Mel.  Wanting to turn a new leaf, Mer also decides that a change is in order.  Or maybe she just wants to catch the eye of sexy rancher Gage....

Gage thinks that Meredith is completely out of his league but his primal instincts are screaming for her.  When she proposes a no-strings attached fling, every warning bell in his head starts blaring.  He knows that just one night with her won't be enough, but he humors her just the same.  When things develop that are beyond what either could have possibly imagined, Mer's past catches up with her and threatens to destroy anything that could be between them.

The strong chemistry between Meredith and Gage is undeniable.  His instinctively protective nature where Meredith is concerned is both a shock and comfortably right in his world - which is a problem.  Neither thinks the other wants a relationship, besides, Gage is leaving Tall Pines as soon as possible.  There isn't room in his plans for Meredith.

When those from Meredith's past threaten those in her life now, she must make a choice, or rather a sacrifice, and do what's best for those she loves.  Little does Meredith know that Gage has some aces up his sleeves.  He's not going to let his past and the unscrupulous people in her life destroy everything he has and everything he wants.

Meredith and Gage are a totally cute couple, whether they want to admit or not.  I adore their interactions.  Both characters are well developed and written realistically.  Don't make the mistake in thinking that Rescued by the Rancher is all canoodling and sweet romance though.  Victoria James knows how to infuse drama into her passion-filled contemporary romances.  Things aren't easy for her characters and adversity crosses their paths more than once.

After years of being controlled, Meredith is learning how to be a fierce and independent woman.  She's learning to stand up for herself and stand on her own.  She's a wonderful character that many people with be able to relate to and love.  Gage has been the man of her dreams since Book 1 and how she goes about trying to get him into her bed is comical.

Gage, on the other hand, is doing whatever it takes to stay away from Meredith.  He wants her....BADLY....but is gun shy.  She deserves so much more than a romp between the sheets and Gage is just not sure he's capable of anything else.  The road that has been written for them take some wildly fantastical and deeply emotional turns.

I have yet to read a book by Victoria James that I've given less than a 5 star rating.  I love her novels and the way she writes.  Her characters, the plot, themes, drama, and passion pull the reader in and keeps them engaged.  There is true emotion that can be felt by those readers that become one with the books they read.  (I still re-read The Best Man's Baby as often as I can).  I am able to get lost in the novels and put myself right into the middle of them.  I feel for the characters and drawing on my emotions is what makes a book worth 5 stars for me.  If I hurt with them, cry with/for them, laugh, or get angry, then the author did a fantastic job and has written the perfect book - or in the case of Victoria...books, for me.

Review copy courtesy of the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions and thoughts about this book are my own.

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