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Spotlight: The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate, Part I (The Creator’s Eye, Book I) by R.N. Feldman

About The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate, Part I:

On a hidden archipelago, people known as Movers manipulate matter with their minds while strange Folds in space transform the landscape into wondrous and often deadly anomalies.

When a young Mover named Michael Edwards discovers that he is descended from a long line of beings who can not only Move matter, but actually Create it, he finds himself at the center of a cosmic struggle for power.

Manipulated by friends, family, and an ominous prophecy, he allies himself with a host of strange creatures and characters as he fights to become Mover of his own destiny.

Book Details:

The Creator’s Eye: Mover of Fate, Part I
The Creator’s Eye, Book I
R.N. Feldman

Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy

Date of Publication: November 26, 2014

ISBN: 978-1501083617
ASIN: B00O705KD6

Number of pages: 270
Word Count: 58,401

Cover Artist: R.N. Feldman and Caroline Miller

Read a Portion of Chapter One:

It was evening, but the sun was still high in the summer sky when Michael left the house. He lived near the edge of town, so the trailhead was not far away. The wood- paneled ranch houses of his neighborhood were spread some distance apart, separated by large, wild gardens. Despite the remaining daylight, birds chirping, and the buzz of summer insects, the few street lights in his neighborhood were already on, as if in anticipation of the night's festivities. Kids waved sparklers and tossed poppers in the street while young couples walked hand in hand towards the center of town. At the intersection, a few neighbors loaded a donkey cart full of jubilant toddlers to take to the festival.

Instead of following the procession, Michael turned left at the intersection towards the outskirts of town. He could see his three friends waiting for him at the end of the street. James, a tall, slim boy with dirty blond hair tucked under a red bandanna leaned against a lamp post, smoking one of his fastidiously rolled cigarettes while the other two boys appeared to be in a heated debate. The stockier one with curly brown hair was Jake. From the distance, Michael could see him gesticulate widely as he tried to make his point. Meanwhile, Sam, who was short, round, and black-haired, smiled patronizingly at him and shook his head. Michael recognized the bright yellow chevron with the letter “A” emblazoned on the front of his shirt as the emblem of the Academy of Alexandria.

James saw Michael approach and ground out the cigarette with his foot. “Hey, Michael!” he announced. They embraced each other with hearty pats on the back.

The other two stopped bickering and welcomed their friend. “Good to see you, old chum!” said Sam. “Looks like you've been taking good care of the town while we were away.”

Michael laughed, “You probably thought it would fall into the sea without you.” “I bet it hasn't been much fun without us,” speculated Jake.

“That's for sure!” Michael agreed. “I haven't done much since you guys left. It’s been downright boring.”

Jake asked if he hung out with any of the kids from the class below them. “Sometimes,” Michael replied, “but honestly I spend most of my time taking care

of my mom.”

“She's not any better?” asked Sam, caringly. He was always the most sensitive of his friends.

Michael shook his head.

“Well, I’m studying medicine,” said Sam. “Maybe I'll find something.” “Don't count on it,” chortled Jake. “Sam is last in his class!”

“I'm not last!” Sam scowled and barked at Jake.

“You're not winning any races though,” Jake prodded again.

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Meet the Author:

Mover of Fate is the first novel in The Creator’s Eye series by author and artist R.N. Feldman. Feldman lives and works in Los Angeles, CA where he teaches at Otis College of Art and Design and spends as much time hiking through the local mountains as he can. Art, metaphysics, useless scientific trivia, and extensive backpacking treks throughout the world have all been major influences in his work.

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