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Review: A Vision in Velvet (A Witchcraft Mystery, Book 6) by Juliet Blackwell

Lily Ivory hopes to score some great vintage fashions when she buys an antique trunk full of old clothes.  But she may have gotten more than she bargained for...

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About A Vision in Velvet:

As soon as Lily opens the trunk, she feels strange vibrations emanating from a mysterious velvet cloak.  When she tries it on, Lily sees awful visions from the past.  And when the antiques dealer who sold her the cape is killed, Lily suspects a supernatural force might be behind his death.

Then Lily's familiar, Oscar the potbellied pig, disappears, Lily will do anything to get him back -- including battling the spirit of a powerful witch reaching out from the past.  But even with the aid of her grandmother, unmasking a killer and saving Oscar might be more than one well-intentioned sorceress can handle. (Synopsis courtesy of the back cover of my book).

Book Details:

Title: A Vision in Velvet

Series: Witchcraft Mystery (Book 6)

Mass Market Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: NAL (July 1, 2014)

ISBN-10: 0451240901
ISBN-13: 978-0451240903

Sapphyria's Review:

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In the next installment of the Witchcraft Mystery Series by Juliet Blackwell, Sailor has been allowed to return to San Francisco after being banished by Aiden.  This is a relief to Lily, who over the course of the first 5 books has really taken a shining to our brooding psychic.  The pair get along amazingly and I love their chemistry.  

Things aren't all wine and roses, however.  In what seems to be a normal inquiry about the purchase of an antique trunk filled with clothing, Lily finds that there is one item within that isn't what it seems.  It doesn't match the rest of the articles of clothing and has vibrations that should have sent her running.  Instead, she does what a lot of cozy mystery protagonists do....she puts it on.  I mean, why not? ~ right?  Lily finds herself tossed back in time during the burning of a powerful witch.  

Lily needs to find out what's going on with this cloak and why it's shown up in a trashed trunk full of unusable textiles....and then the dealer who sold her the trunk ends up being murdered in front of a large oak tree in the park.  This same tree is one that is scheduled for demolition by the city because it is almost dead and now a hazard.  If only the city fathers knew that it was far from dead and is a lot more hazardous than they could even imagine.  When the tree seemingly swallows up Oscar during what is supposed to be a meet-and-greet with some of the woodsfolk, Lily is desperate to keep the tree standing long enough to extract her piggy familiar and go head to head with the witch from the past who may using the tree as a conduit to the present.  

Will Lily get Oscar back and prevent the spirit of the powerful witch from making a comeback?

I absolutely love this series.  Lily is a fine protagonist that gets more comfortable with her new surroundings in each book.  She has friends that accept her for who she is and what she does, a very successful resale shop, and a familiar that sometimes just steals the show.  Her brooding companion, Sailor, has some great dialogue and wit.  

Each story develops nicely and takes the reader on a brand new adventure in the world of the paranormal.  The novels are suitable for anyone who wants to read them - teens, adults who don't like sex or swearing, adult who do like those things but also like the cozy mystery scene, too (like me).  

If you're looking for your next cozy series then I highly recommend Juliet Blackwell's Witchcraft Mysteries.  They are written well, have great storylines, solid plots, and easy-to-like characters.  The dialogue between all characters is smooth and understandable and the novel is an easy, relaxing read.
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