Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Review: Melis's Gambit, a short story by Ann Gimpel @AnnGimpel

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About Melis's Gambit:

A dark fantasy, historical romance, short story with witches, vampires, and Black Magick.

Running for her life, a frantic witch finds the man of her dreams. Can she trust him not to betray her?

Hacked at with knives and tossed in the Danube, Melis Andresen is in desperate straits. Her tormentors are certain she's dead, or they wouldn’t have let her go. With survival on the line, she leverages witchcraft and her training as a healer, and it’s just barely enough. By the skin of her teeth, she survives the river running at flood stage and is asleep in a bedraggled heap next to a small fire, when a man walks out of the surrounding woods.

Though she doesn't know it at the time, her life is about to change forever.

My Review:

The book opens with Melis fighting for her life in the cold Danube. She's freezing, wounded, and weighed down with the dress of her time. Running on adrenaline, she is able to pull herself out of the water but now what? She can't go home - the villagers will be waiting to finish what they started.

Contemplating her next move, Melis warms herself as best as she can in a makeshift campsite. When the sound of another person filters its way to her, Melis's intuition screams "enemy" but her body cries something entirely different. He's darkness to her light yet the attraction is undeniable. Should she take a chance and let a stranger help her in her time of need?

Ann Gimpel is magic with a pen (or keyboard, as it were). The tapestry she paints engages the reader from the very beginning; grabbing a hold and not letting go until you reach the very last word.  Each scene is vivid yet easily conjured up in your own mind, your own way.  There is depth to each character and an interesting storyline in this very short story .  It's quick to read and will keep you entertained with witches, vampires, among other things.  If you've got a small amount of time available, I recommend Melis's Gambit by Ann Gimple.

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Ann Gimpel said...

Thank you so much, Saph! I was camped outside Stanley, Idaho next to a roaring creek when I started this story.

Sapphyria said...

You're welcome. I love hearing about your inspirations for the tales you spin.