Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Gender Choice Meets Destiny in New Sci-Fi Novel ~ Remake by Ilima Todd

Book Information:

In this dystopian novel, children are raised completely androgynously until their seventeenth birthday at which time they can choose their hair color, eye color, their life's work…and their gender. A fascinating twist on dystopian novels and thought-provoking perspective on how gender roles determine so much of destiny in life. 

Remake is Book 1 of a trilogy.

Juvenile Fiction \ Dystopian
Ages 12 And Up, Grades 7 And Up
Shadow Mountain
Series: Remake trilogy
304 pages

About Remake:

Nine is the ninth child born in a batch of 20 siblings. By design, Nine’s life in Freedom Province is without complications or consequences, with citizens being born and raised androgynously. But Nine isn’t like every other batcher. Nine harbors indecision and worries about the upcoming Remake Day—the day when batchers at their seventeenth year fly to the Remake facility and have the freedom to choose their hair color, eye color, life's work…and gender. Soon, Nine discovers the truth about life outside Freedom Province, including the secret plan of the Prime Maker, and is pulled between two worlds and two lives. Whom can Nine trust? Whom does Nine love? And, most importantly, what will Nine decide to be?

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Meet the Author:

Born and raised on the north shore of Oahu, Ilima Todd currently resides in the Rocky Mountains. She never wanted to be a writer, even though she loves books and reading. She instead earned a college degree in physics, but the characters in her head could not be ignored. Now she embraces her true passion and writes science fiction for teens. When she is not writing, Ilima loves to spend time with her husband and four children.


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We just finished making the book trailer for Remake. Here is the link to check it out:

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