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Spotlight: The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress (The Dukes of War, Book 2) by Erica Ridley

From the Back Cover of The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress: 

Captain Xavier Grey’s body is back amongst the beau monde, but his mind cannot break free from the horrors of war. His friends try to help him find peace. He knows he doesn’t deserve it. Just like he doesn't deserve the attentions of the sultry bluestocking intent on seducing him into bed...

Spinster Jane Downing wants off the shelf and into the arms of a hot-blooded man. Specifically, the dark and dangerous Captain Grey. She may not be destined to be his wife, but nothing will stop her from being his mistress. She could quote classical Greek by the age of four. How hard can it be to learn the language of love?

The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress is Book 2 in the Dukes of War regency romance series, featuring roguish peers and dashing war heroes who return from battle only to be thrust into the splendor and madness of Regency England. 


Release Date: March 2, 2015 

Publisher: Intrepid Reads 

Length: 200 pages (40-45k) 

Genre: Historical Romance 

ISBN: 978-1939713308 (ebook) 

ISBN: 978-1939713315 (mmpb) 

Dukes of War romance books in Series Order: 

#0.5 The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation Nov. 2014 
#1 The Earl’s Defiant Wallflower Dec. 2014 
#2 The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress Mar. 2015 
#3 The Major’s Faux Fiancée Jun. 2015

Read an Excerpt from The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress

When Captain Xavier Grey finds himself snowbound with a sultry bluestocking intent on seduction, he does what any honorable soldier would do: He tries to make her think of him as “just a friend.” Failing that, he figures he can at least distract her attention with the dusty old library he hasn’t laid eyes on since leaving for war...

Xavier gritted his teeth. This was Operation Platonic Friendship. He was not to think about the taste of Miss Downing’s mouth or the sway of her hips.

They needed to spend the entirety of the day discussing Wordsworth and Voltaire. Or rather, something less… provocative. He didn’t want to make a good impression. Perhaps he ought to engage her in a lively debate on whether library books were best catalogued by size or color.

“What do you think of my collection?” he found himself asking, instead.

“Well…” She poked her head from around a corner. “The topics are varied enough, but at least half have never been read. The pages aren’t even sliced.”

“You can do the honors, if you’ve found something you’d like to read.” He adjusted a small pillow and stretched out upon the chaise longue. He didn’t much care who sliced the pages, but if offering her the privilege made him seem like a good friend, he’d be happy to lend his knife.

Eyes sparkling, she bounced in place. “I can read anything that I want?”

“As long as it isn’t…” He hesitated. What had she mentioned earlier? Sugar? Shogun? “…shunga scrolls.”

The corners of her mouth quirked. “Nobody reads shunga scrolls. They just look at the pictures.”

He cut her a flat look.

She gave an innocent flutter of eyelashes and selected a book from the shelves. “Lay back down. I’ll read something to you. How about the Odyssey in original Greek?”

He couldn’t even remember purchasing it. “Do you mind if I snore?”

“I hope you do. But I’ll translate aloud in case you manage to stay awake.” Rather than take another chair, she perched at the foot of the chaise longue with her back toward him. “Ahem. Page the first. ‘Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious hero…’”

There. Xavier relaxed his head against the cushion. Nothing could be more respectable.

Or less stimulating. He hadn’t actually intended to snore, but nor had he anticipated the level of mortal dullness in which Miss Downing read aloud. She could not have infused less life into her tone had she merely been counting sheep.

He might have told her not to bother translating, since it wasn’t doing either of them any favors, except he saw no advantage to being rude. His goal was to be perceived as a friend, not the enemy. Enemies could incite passion.

Miss Downing’s monotone could only incite slumber.

After a while, he let his eyelids drift closed. It had been a long, cold night filled with nothing but vivid waking dreams. He had been exhausted from the moment he rolled out of bed. Her tone was pacifying in its relentless uniformity, the words forgettable and relaxing.

He almost didn’t notice when she skipped from Calypso to Circe in the space of a breath. Her low words droned on without hitch. His eyes flew open. How could she have turned thirty pages at once without noticing? How could she have skipped the Trojan horse without noticing?

Sleep forgotten, he propped himself up on one elbow to glance over her shoulder at the text.

And roared. “What the devil are you reading, woman?”

She jumped, her cheeks flushing a rosy pink. “You said I might read whatever I wished.”

“You said you were reading the Odyssey!”

“I said I would read you the Odyssey.” She motioned him back to his pillow. “I’m reading something else.”

“That’s not ‘something else.’” Heart galloping, he reached for the book.

She held it aloft with her other hand. “You can’t have it. I’m right in the middle.”

“Absolutely not. That’s The Memoirs of Fanny Hill, and it’s not fit for human eyes,” he ground out.

Her brows arched. “Then why do you have it?”

“Because I’m inhuman! Give me the damn book or I’ll—”

“Oh, lay back down. You were almost asleep. I’ve already read most of what you’re afraid of, so there’s not much harm in reading the rest.”

He collapsed back against the chaise and covered his face with his hands. No wonder the woman’s storytelling abilities had been execrable. She’d been quoting from memory whilst reading an entirely different story. One in which an innocent country miss was procured by a bawdyhouse madam and then descended into a life of erotic abandon.

“What part are you at now?” he rasped, his throat dry.

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Meet the Author:

Erica Ridley learned to read when she was three, which was about the same time she decided to be a writer when she grew up.

Now, Erica is a USA Today best-selling author of historical romance novels. Her latest series, The Dukes of War, features roguish peers and dashing war heroes who return from battle only to be thrust into the splendor and madness of Regency England.

When not reading or writing romances, Erica can be found riding camels in Africa, ziplining through rainforests in Costa Rica, or getting hopelessly lost in the middle of Budapest.

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Author Trivia:

Born: Indiana

From: Florida

Lives: Costa Rica

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Beer or wine? Tequila

If there were no tequila: India Pale Ale

Beach or mountains? Mountains

Football or soccer? Da Bears

Favorite movie genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy

Favorite book genres: Suspense, Thriller, Romance

Favorite pastime: Traveling

States visited: 26

Countries visited: 30

Morning or night person? Morning

Walk or run? Rollerblade

Plotter or Pantser: Storyboard + Scrivener

Apple or Android: Apple

Tea or Coffee: Coffee

Chocolate, light or dark: Yes, please

Meat or veggies? Vegetarian

Favorite foods: Indian, Thai, Italian

Favorite music: All of it

Instruments played: Piano, guitar, violin

Biggest fear: Snow

Published Works:

2010 Too Wicked To Kiss Kensington Zebra

2011 Too Sinful To Deny Kensington Zebra

2012 Born To Bite Kensington Publishing

2012 Charmed Intrepid Reads

2013 Tis The Season Anthology

2013 Midwinter Magic Intrepid Reads

2013 One Enchanted Season Anthology

2013 Let It Snow Intrepid Reads

2014 Dark Surrender Intrepid Reads

2014 The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation Intrepid Reads

2014 The Earl’s Defiant Wallflower Intrepid Reads

2015 Romance Writers of America: Premiere Anthology

2015 The Captain’s Bluestocking Mistress Intrepid Reads

2015 The Major’s Faux Fiancée Intrepid Reads


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