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Exclusive Excerpt: Across the Bridge of Ice (The Bridges Trilogy, Book Two) by Ruth Fox & #Giveaway #YA #Fantasy

About Across the Bridge of Ice:

In 'The City of Silver Light', Keira Leichman spent the night lost in a wild snowstorm that struck Cassidy Heights. But what really happened that night? Not even Keira can be sure. What she does know is that she's been having strange dreams since the accident, and now she's stuck with a broken ankle and the possibility of never playing soccer again. That is, until she finds Jake's telescope, and is drawn across the Bridge of Ice to Shar.

Now Keira is marooned in the City of Silver Light with Daniel, Jake’s younger brother, with no way to get home. But that is the least of their worries, for the secrets they discover in Shar are more dangerous than Kiera could ever have imagined. And the fate of both their worlds are in their hands.

Book Details:

Across the Bridge of Ice
The Bridges Trilogy, Book Two
Ruth Fox

Genre: Fantasy, YA

Publisher: Hague Publishing
Date of Publication: 31 January 2015

ISBN: 9780987265296

Number of pages: 175 pages
Word Count: 55,000

Cover Artist: Ruth Fox

Read an Exclusive Excerpt:

There is a fountain in the centre, a crystal-clear arch of water spouting up and over a beautifully carved piece of stone. Neatly trimmed ice-white grass surrounds it. Trees with pale bark stand in the corners, their roots covered by soft purple-grey moss. Tiny star-shaped flowers hang from the bricks of the walls which rise up on each side.

I’m looking at a small girl who has just emerged from an open doorway in the wall. She wears a short cream-coloured dress with a blue sash and is staring straight at me with horror and amazement.

‘Um –’ I extend a hand to her. I mean for the gesture to be friendly, but it’s the wrong thing to do. She shrieks and backs away.

I realise that I’m burning. There is fire all around me. I can’t feel the heat. That’s strange. And then it hits me. It’s like I’ve run straight into a solid brick wall and I crumple to the ground.

‘Keira! Keira!’ It’s Jake’s voice coming through the phone.

Then I hear Daniel, panicky and anxious, from somewhere over my shoulder. ‘Keira! Where are you? What’s happened?’

‘Daniel?’ I try to call, but my mouth doesn’t work. I clutch the cold cobblestones like an anchor. My stomach roils and I dry retch. Everything inside me clenches.

Inside my head, the girl’s shout of fear echoes loudly. ‘Demons!’

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Meet the Author:

Ruth completed a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing in 2006. Her other published works include “Monster-boy: The Lair of the Grelgoroth”, Book 1 of the Monster-boy Series, and “Sand Dog”, an illustrated picture book for younger readers. Both are available from

Ruth has been an avid reader her entire life and, inspired by the books that engrossed her as she was growing up, she aims to create stories that can draw readers in and enthral them for days or weeks. She writes every day and lives in Ballarat, Victoria, with her partner, her cat, and an ever-expanding library of books.

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