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Blog Tour & Review: Due for Discard (An Aimee Machado Mystery) by Sharon St. George

About Due for Discard:

Aimee Machado is thrilled to be starting her first job as a forensic librarian at the medical center in the town of Timbergate, north of Sacramento, California. Her ebullient mood is somewhat dampened by her recent breakup with her former live-in boyfriend, Nick Alexander. And then there's a little matter of murder: on Aimee's first day on the job, a body is found in a nearby Dumpster and soon identified as her supervisor's wife, Bonnie Beardsley.

Aimee's heartbreaker of a brother and best friend, Harry, just happens to be one of the last people to see Bonnie alive, but he is hardly the only suspect. Bonnie was notorious for her wild partying and man-stealing ways, and she has left a trail of broken hearts and bitterness. Aimee is determined to get her brother off the suspect list.

Aimee's snooping quickly makes her a target. Isolated on her grandparents' llama farm where she fled post-breakup, she realizes exactly how vulnerable she is. Three men have pledged to protect her: her brother Harry, her ex, Nick, and the dashing hospital administrator with a reputation for womanizing, Jared Quinn. But they can't be on the alert every minute, not when Aimee is so bent on cracking the case with or without their help.

Book 1 in a new mystery series featuring amateur sleuth Aimee Machado.

Book Information:

Prices/Formats: $15.95 paperback
Genre: Detective Murder Mystery
Pages: 340
Release: March 1, 2015
Publisher: Camel Press
ISBN: 9781603812238

My Review:

After breaking up with her long-time, live-in boyfriend, Nick, Aimee Machado finally has something to celebrate. She lands a job at a local hospital as a forensic librarian, putting her graduate education to good use. All her excitement comes crashing down on the first day of her new job. The wife of her boss, Dr. Beardsley, is found murdered in the dumpster behind the hospital and Aimee's certain that the time creating the pilot program within the library may be limited. Fortunately, the hot hospital admin, Jared, doesn't look to discard her so soon. In fact, after the murder investigation begins, Jared asks her to discreetly monitor the overall well-being of her boss.

When Aimee's amateur sleuthing gets noticed by the wrong person/people, she soon become a target of some pretty heinous acts. Her safety is jeopardized, especially since she lives out in the middle of nowhere on her grandparents' llama farm with only a bird and a cat for protection. The men in her life stand ready to protect her at all costs but one of them becomes a suspect, her safety net gets a little bit thinner. She knows her brother didn't murder the scheming socialite but convincing law enforcement is another thing. Can she figure out who committed the crime before her brother is incarcerated and/or she ends up the next victim?

Due for Discard pulled me in from page one and refused to let go. The content is so exciting and perfectly paced that you can't help but read "just one more page." The mystery surrounding the crime is well hidden and incrementally revealed at the appropriate times. The suspense will keep the reader on their toes, not wanting to put the book down. One of the greatest things about the book was the cast of characters.  All of them, from lead all the way down to the extras, were written so well.  I found myself enjoying the dialogue and antics of everyone in the novel whether the character was a good guy or not.

Aimee is a strong young woman and virtually has the world in the palm of her hand. She's one of few forensic librarians and her plans within the library are fresh and exciting. She gets along well with almost everyone and is mostly level-headed. She has a "shake my head at her" moments, but all-in-all I found her character to be pretty refreshing and not nearly as careless as other heroines I've read about.

Harry is a very kind and caring brother to Aimee. He does what he can to help her out. He also tries not to burden her with his problems. He's also friends with Aimee's ex-boyfriend, Nick. who seems to have popped back into the picture. Nick and Aimee have a lot of baggage and by that I mean, tons of relationship issues that they really need to work out; whether they get back together or not. Neither one will be fit to date others until they sit down and have a heart-to-heart.  The couple have genuine affection, don't get me wrong, but the issues need to be handled or nothing good will come of anything. 

Unfortunately, now I have to disclose the one upsetting thing in the whole book.  By page 58 in the novel, I knew her swamp cooler better than I knew anyone else in the book.  It's not really a big deal, but I found myself rolling my eyes each and every time the subject came up.  I don't usually focus on that type of repetition but it occurred frequently enough that I became sensitized to any mention of the swamp cooler.  Other than that, though, I was pretty pleased with Due for Discard.

The novel is fast, yet evenly, paced and completely enjoyable.  The dialogue between all of the characters is smooth and understandable.  And who can forget the llamas!  I love their random cameos.  I can't wait to see where Sharon St. George takes Aimee next.

Paperback review copy courtesy of the publisher, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

My Rating:

About the Author:

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Sharon St. George had the good fortune to spend an idyllic childhood in a small northern California town, riding horseback and camping with her family in the nearby mountains. One of her favorite pastimes was reading fiction, and a trip to the library was always an occasion of great joy. She’s traded horses for llamas, but she still treks to the high mountain lakes near her home—always with a mystery novel in her backpack. Sharon’s writing credits include three plays, several years writing advertising copy, a book on NASA’s space food project, and feature stories too numerous to count. She holds dual degrees in English and Theatre Arts, and occasionally acts in, or directs, one of her local community theater productions. Sharon is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and she serves as program director for Writers Forum, a nonprofit organization for writers in northern California.

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Amber, thanks for the review! :)

Sapphyria said...

You're welcome! The book was great!

Sharon St. George said...

Amber, thanks so much for your review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, and that you liked the cast of characters.

Sapphyria said...

You're very welcome, Sharon! I enjoyed Due for Discard very much.