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Review: Waiting on Love by Lynne Silver

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After a disastrous vacation breakup with the man who was supposed to be The One, KK O'Brien decides she’s done. Love will find her when the time is right.

On her flight home, she’s seated next to a male soldier, Aidan Dominguez, whom she ignores, because one: he is male (a trait she’s recently excised from her mind), two: he’s younger than her, and three: he’s on his way to be deployed overseas (geographically undesirable). When weather grounds her flight, she agrees to a drink and more with Aidan. After all, he’s leaving the country and she’s done projecting hope and wedding bells onto encounters with men. KK knows this is nothing more than a one-night stand with an extremely sexy soldier. It’s practically her patriotic duty to send him off to war with a good last memory.

Aidan and KK have a great night together and they part with the expectation that they’ll never see each other again. Only, a few weeks later, the first email from Aidan arrives. Once she replies, another arrives, and soon an epistolary love affair blossoms where love was never supposed to grow. When Aidan asks for a shot at being her man, KK must decide if she’s brave enough to take another chance on love.

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Waiting on Love is a cute romance novella; although, it doesn't start off that way. KK O'Brien surprises her boyfriend at the location of his work conference only to be met with an unpleasant response to her spontaneity. Swearing off men and the chasing of them, KK resolves to change her ways and let the men start coming to her. After all, if they want to be with her in a forever kind of way, they should by doing the pursuing of her and not the other way around. Right?

KK's initial flight back home has her sitting next to the most gorgeous male specimen she has ever encountered. Try as she may, she can't help warming up to Aidan as they travel the friendly skies. She figures that she's so comfortable with him because she doesn't look at him as relationship material; he's 6 years younger than her, he's leaving the country for at least a year, and she's not going to jump head first into anything anymore. When the inclement weather cancels all flights, she finds a savior in that same deliciously younger soldier from the first flight. What ensues is supposed to be a one-night-stand - Love 'em and Leave 'em and all that. That's exactly the opposite of how this novella ends.

Lynne Silver does an excellent job taking the one night stand scenario and making it so much more than that. Her characters have depth, are likable, and some readers should be able to connect to one or the both of them. There is realism in the story - woman catches boyfriend cheating, meets a US soldier on his way to be deployed overseas, they have a connection, and what was supposed to end the second they parted ways becomes a fantastic love story. I don't think it's unheard of for something similar to this situation to happen. Maybe she didn't catch her boyfriend cheating or maybe he wasn't a soldier getting ready to leave his homeland but it is possible for two people to meet and have a connection that is deep and fulfilling - even outside of the bedroom.

I loved this novella!

Content Alert: There are adult themes and Waiting on Love is most appropriate for those 17+.

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