Friday, December 5, 2014

Book Re-Release ~ Santa Genie by Jamie K. Schmidt @Jamiekswriter & It's On #Sale

You don't have to rub the genie for Christmas wishes, but it's a lot more fun!

Santa Genie by Jamie K. Schmidt has a 
New Cover & Title

Melody is a security guard working the night shift on Christmas Eve. Her husband left her for a black jack dealer after embezzling a quarter of a million dollars. Not only is she getting visits from the mob, but also from a sexy djinn -- who happened to be married to the black jack dealer. In exchange for wishing to find the errant couple who fled the country, taking his daughter on the lam, Curtis agrees to grant Melody two more wishes.

Previously titled Out of Space Convertable

Plus it's on #Sale for $1.59 @MusaPublishing

For more information and to read an Excerpt please click the following link:

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