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Paranormal Romance/Mystery Midnight Magick, Book 1 by Katerina Martinez Featuring Excerpt & Gift Card #Giveaway

"Lonely witches get up to no good."

Midnight Magick Book Summary:

Amber Lee has a decent life: she lives in a great house, she's about to start school again, her best friend Eliza is pregnant, and the pair of them are Wiccans with a healthy bond. But ever since Eliza moved out of Amber's house and in with her boyfriend Evan, Amber's been feeling a growing pang of loneliness in her chest.

When Damien, a stranger to her town, mysteriously comes into her life bringing with him all manner of strangeness, everything changes. Damien shows Amber a side of her she never knew existed, and ignites in her a spark she hadn't felt in a long time, but he's haunted by a dark secret and a purpose which may prove fatal to them both - and by the time she realizes it, there's no turning back.

Midnight Magick will take you deep into a world of witchcraft and mystery, where bonds are tested, hearts broken and lives lost.

Book Details:

Midnight Magick
Book 1
Katerina Martinez

Genre: Paranormal Romance/ Paranormal Mystery

ISBN-13: 978-0958303200

Number of pages: 149
Word Count: 51,643

Cover Artist: Katerina Martinez

Read an Excerpt:

I offered Damien a tour of the ground floor before heading upstairs. In the living room white sheets fluttered like ghosts in the slight breeze coming in through the open front door. Beams of fading light streaked through the shutters, catching dust motes as they swirled around in the air. Webs from productive spiders adorned the corners, the fittings, and anywhere else that they could spin two pieces of silken trappings together from.

Damien approached the huge fireplace at the far wall and squatted next to it.

“It’s gonna need more wood,” I said.

“Do you have any?” he asked.

“Downstairs. If not we can go out into the woods and get some.”

He stood, turned to me and smiled. “There’s something I’ve never done before.”

“It’s easy,” I said, “I go out for wood whenever Evan’s parents forget to stock up.”

“What’s this?” Damien asked, pointing toward a dark, adjoining room.

A blue outline gave away the shape of a closed bay window in the stuffy little box of a room. I stood back as Damien ventured into the dark. In a few moments Damien opened the windows and the chamber was flooded with twilight. Two arm chairs stared at each other, sitting on carpeted floors. A round, brown table stood between them. On it, a huge black book with a gold crucifix embossed on the cover stared up into the ceiling.

“Weren’t kidding about a prayer room,” said Damien.

The thought of going in there made my skin prickle. “We tend to just ignore it,” I said. “Evan’s parents are full on Christians. If they knew what we did here…”

“How do they not know what goes on here?” asked Damien, emerging from the uncomfortably small prayer room.

“We clean up really well. Never leave anything lying around. We’re the ones who put the sheets on the furniture we use before we leave. We even gave the house a new coat of paint once. It’s like our way of paying rent and keeping Evan’s parents happy and blissfully unaware.”

“And if they ever found out?”

“I’d rather not think about it.”

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Author Information & Contact Links:

My name is Katerina. I love to read and write, and until now I've been cooped up in a desk job with nothing to do but drift away on a sea of corporate bull until I do what is expected of me (marriage, kids, etc).

Eventually I decided that enough was enough, so I took a chance and wrote a book; my first book. Then I mulled over my options and chose to self-publish with Amazon, panicked over the "Publish" button for a few hours, and waited patiently for my book to show up on the listing.

Now I'm here, part of this big, wide world, trying to meet other people like me - folks starting out in the self-publishing business or just fellow authors/ readers who share my kinds of interests!

For those of you starting out, I can tell you, it's a rollercoaster. None of it is easy. And even if your work doesn't sell, at least you can be proud that you put yourself out there and took that step!





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