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Review ~ Burning Bright (Ivy Granger #3) by E.J. Stevens & Giveaway

Burning Bright (Ivy Granger #3) by E.J. Stevens

Burning down the house...

Things are not going well at the offices of Private Eye. Jinx is having demon problems, the city is overrun with pyromaniacal imps, and Ivy's wisp powers are burning out of control, attracting the attention of both the Seelie and Unseelie courts.

Along came a faerie queen... It's the worst possible time for the Green Lady to call in a favor, but Ivy's bound by her deal with the glaistig. Too bad there's no wiggle room in faerie bargains.

Ivy must rid the city of imps, keep Jinx from murdering her one solid link to Hell, and fulfill her bargain with the Green Lady--with sidhe assassins hot on her tail.

Just another day's work for Ivy Granger, psychic detective.

Sapphyria's Review:

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Ivy is still on the quest to locate her father, Will-o'-the-Wisp, since he seems to be the only one that can help her rein in her developing powers.  Plus come to find out, her father may be the local paranormal community's most significant weapon for the war that has been hinted about.  Now it's just a matter of time to see which group locates him first.  As she progresses with her own search, she discovers that town has been overridden with imps that are setting fire to anything they can get a hold of.  Ivy also finds out that her Guild-Hunter friend, Jenna, has been sent abroad for "training."  And then there's the problem with Jinx....

After Jinx comes home from Club Nexus with an incubus sucking her life away, Ivy knows that she has to do something to save her.  While trying to figure out who the incubus is, Ivy takes Jinx to the Emporium, a shop owned and operated by her friend, and High Witch, Kaye.  Keeping Jinx safe inside a circle will only work for so long and Ivy knows this.  At the same time, the Green Lady decides to call in one of the two bargains that Ivy owes her.

The bargain is to kill Kaye and the Green Lady, who may or may not have completely set up Ivy in order to force her to see her at the carnival, will spare Jinx's life.  Aaand - to top it off, Kaye has completely disappeared without a trace.  Now Ivy must figure out how to get around the fairy bargain made with the Green Lady.  At the same time, the Vampire Master of the city sends a message to Ivy about collection of her debt to him.  Ivy is seriously regretting her decision to make fae bargains with the Green Lady and the Master Vampire.

Holy Mab's Bones ~ how is Ivy going to handle her powers, Jinx, honoring her bargain with the Green Lady by killing Kaye, rounding up the imps (which is also part of her bargain with the Vampire Master), oh...and did I mention that there are sidhe assassins tracking Ivy?

Another action-packed installment of the Ivy Granger series.  There are some many story lines that have the illusion of being entirely stand alone then E.J. weaves her magic and next thing you know they are entirely dependent on one another.  Her ability to tell a story is amazing.  Each story in the series is well developed and pulls the reader in from the very beginning.  Burning Bright is very suspenseful in the "how is she going to do (insert something here) and live with herself later?" sort of way.

Ivy is written in such a way that she is still brand new; never becoming stagnant, dull, or predictable.  She continues to kick butt in the name of protecting her family, friends, and townsfolk.  Ivy does all of this while maintaining safe distances since she has the ability of touching objects or people and being able to discern history of said objects/people.  Her relationship with Ceff, while challenging due to the whole touching issue, is progressing along nicely.  Ivy manages to make friends wherever she goes, and as such ends up befriending the cutest little imp she names Sparky.  Don't let this lull you into a sense of complacency since she makes just as many, if not more, enemies.

Please make sure to read the books in order since the world and character building, plotlines, subjects, and themes build off of the previous books.

Review Copy Courtesy of the author, at no cost, in exchange for an honest review.

Sapphyria's Rating:

Book Details:

Release Date: June 17, 2014
Genre:  Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
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Book Excerpt (Spiders, why does it have to be spiders?)

“Have you both lost your minds?” Torn asked.

“What would you have us do, leave them here to become spider food?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said.  “Yes, exactly.  It’s the cycle of life, a beautiful thing best left alone.”

I shook my head.

“That could have been any one of us,” I said.  “Hold still, we’re here to help!”

The last I yelled at the cocoon.  I didn’t know if the person inside could hear me, or how far gone they were if they could, but I had to try to comfort them.  Plus, I really didn’t want to risk maiming the person I was trying to save.

“You have no idea what kind of monster is inside that thing,” Torn said.

I scowled at Torn.  No one deserved to be hung out like prosciutto and gobbled up by some huge spider.

“This is a hero’s path,” Ceff said.  “It is highly probable that they are honorable.  If not, at least we tried.”

Torn sighed and shook his head.

“Fine, it’s your funeral,” he said.

“Ready?” Ceff asked, holding the bundle as still as he could.

“I was born ready,” I said, doing my best tough guy impersonation.

I carefully cut away at the tough fibers of the cocoon.  Almost there…

Thousands of baby spider fae poured out of the cocoon, skittering in every direction.  Except it wasn’t a cocoon.  It was an egg.  I screamed—though I’d deny it if I lived long enough for Torn to tell anyone—and stumbled away from the horde of spiders.  So much for my tough guy act.

I stomped on the spiders as I backed away, halting their progress.  A brave one ambled forward and sank it’s dripping mandibles into its nearest kin.  The other spiders followed suit, joining in the feeding frenzy.

“Oh, look, aren’t they cute?” Torn asked, pointing to where baby spiders were busy cannibalizing each other.

“Freaking adorable,” I growled.

I inched further up the trail, relieved to see that most of the spiders were too busy attacking each other to notice my retreat.

“Perhaps we should have listened to the cat sidhe, just this once,” Ceff said, whacking the more determined stragglers with his trident.

“I told you so, princess,” Torn said.

I flexed my fingers, hands itching to wring the cat sidhe’s neck and wipe that smug look off his face.  Instead, I stormed past him and around the corner.  I’d had it with this place and its creepy inhabitants.  We needed to find Ailinn’s grave, grab a magic apple, and get the hell out of dodge.

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