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Review: The Countess's Groom by Emily Larkin (Entangled Flirt)

Rose, the Countess Malmstoke, is trapped in a marriage from hell. Escape seems impossible—until her horse groom Will Fenmore offers to help her find a way out.

Will has loved Rose since she was brought to Creed Hall as a new bride, but their relationship has only ever been that of mistress and servant. Born worlds apart, Will knows he could never be her husband, but maybe he can be her salvation.

As they plan her escape to the American colonies, Rose learns to trust Will with her life and her heart, but trusting him with her body is another matter. Can she conquer her fear of the marriage bed? Is the future she dreams of—being Will’s wife—possible?

Book Details:

Title: The Countess’s Groom
Author: Emily Larkin
Genre: Historical Romance Novella
Length: 84 pages
Release Date: September 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-222-7
Imprint: Flirt

Saph's Review:

Prologue has the novel beginning in October 2, 1762.  Rose Quayle is the Countess of Malmstoke.  She is married to a monster by the name of Henry Quayle, Fifth Earl of Malmstoke.  He is physically abusive and forces Rose to be watched over like a prisoner in her own home when he departs for any length of time.

After 8 months of marriage (and abuse), Henry leaves for 6 months.  After Rose heals physically from the wounds inflicted up her by Henry the day he departs, she is able to enjoy what little bit of freedom (if you can call being a prisoner, freedom).  Her horse groom is Will  Fenmore, who has been in love with Rose for some time.  As a servant, he has no right to have these feelings but they are in his heart, nonetheless.  

Shortly after Rose emerges from her room, physically, but not emotionally, healed, she resumes her daily rides across the estate property with Will in tow.  A bond quickly forms between the two and plans are made to escape from Creed Hall for good.  Only, Rose is unsure about the plans.  She's not sure that she will be able to escape and stay hidden from Henry, even across the ocean in America.  Will Rose and Will get to be together and stay safely away from Rose's abuser?

This novella is very short and deals with a pretty heavy subject: Abuse.  Physical Abuse.  A husband who beats his wife and has no problem with it.  Back in the day this novella takes place, that may have been the norm.  I've never really researched that topic so I'm not sure.  We only get a small glimpse of what takes place but it's enough to set the tone for the rest of the pages.  The reader will find themselves going along with Will and finding him to be the perfect savior even though we really don't get to know him.  All the reader will care about is the fact that Will knows how to treat a lady and has all intentions of removing Rose from the danger to her life.  

If you enjoy a man who saves a woman from the monster she was forced to marry, this novella will be perfect for you.  It evokes true to life emotions and pulls the reader into its pages.  You will not be able to put it down until you discover if Rose and Will are able to execute their escape plan and whether or not they are able to stay out of the clutches of Henry and his heavy hand.

I enjoyed the novella, I just wish it had been a tad longer with a bit more believable intimacy between Will and Rose on a less sexual nature.   I felt that Rose clung to Will more because he promised to remove her from her bad situation and less because of her love for him.  

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