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Spotlight: Dark One Rising (The Tanith Prophecy, Book One) by Leandra Martin (Presented by Inkwather Press)

Thrilling New Literary Fantasy Series Takes Teens and Adults on a Dark 
Adventure to Save a Mythical Kingdom from Evil and Devastation 

Dark One Rising: Book One of the Tanith Prophecy series paints a touching landscape of beauty and solace brought to the brink of extinction by a powerful, evil force, whom only the Chosen One, unaware of her unique power, can battle for the soul of a kingdom. Within fantastic adventure and rousing action unfolds a truly human story of destiny and love and the power of spirit that will overcome impossible adversity. 


The Kingdom of Aelethia has been quiet for five hundred years, but the Dark One is rising from out of the depths. All of Aelethia will perish unless the Chosen One comes forward to save them. Unfortunately, the Chosen One doesn’t know her destiny in the world; she only knows she is  odd and confused about where her destiny lies.  

She wants to find love, but she cannot have the men in her life that actually love her, and the only other one that wants her is as evil as they come. The elves know of her destiny and must tell her and train her in time in order to fulfill the prophecy that has been laid out before her. 

Can she become the person they have waited for? 

Can she, in time, destroy the evil that is threatening to overtake her kingdom? 

With friends to guide her and a man to whom she truly loves beside her, she may be able to save Aelethia from doom. 

Book Details:

Title: Dark One Rising: Book One (Tanith Prophecy Series) 

Author: Leandra Martin 

ISBN: 978-1470103286 

Publisher: CreateSpace 

Pub date: 2012 

Pages: 336 

Cover Art by Bonnie Wasson

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The Ultimate Battle of Humanity and Evil for a New Generation of Readers

The exhilarating finale to the Tanith Prophecy series, Aelethia’s Hope strikes at the heart of hope and struggle and what it means for one girl to lead a kingdom back from the edge of obliteration.

With the completion of Melenthia’s training by the elves, she is ready to return to the love of her life. With her knowledge and training, and the revelation that she has Elvin blood, she hopes her relationship with Dain won’t fail, and that she won’t fail the destiny she must face in defeating the darkness. Fallon has grown strong and is preparing for war.

Kevaan and his knights plan to take back Lachlan Castle from Fallon's grip, and Alek must reach the Chancellor in the west before war breaks out. With faith that the Isamarians will join them in the fight to save the world, Melenthia will prepare herself for the ultimate battle, one against Fallon and the Dark One.


Join Melenthia and her friends on this perilous battle between good and evil. Will this be the end for her and Dain? With Tanith’s power, will she be able to withstand the strength of Fallon and the Dark One? Or will she fail and watch as all of Aelethia falls into darkness? This is the exciting finale of the journey of the Chosen One and her powerful sword, Tanith.

Book Details:

Title: Aelethia’s Hope: Book Two (Tanith Prophecy Series)

Author: Leandra Martin

ISBN: 978-1480072749

Publisher: CreateSpace

Pub date: 2013

Pages: 410

Cover Art by Bonnie Wasson

Amazon Purchase Link:  Aelethia's Hope

About the Author:

Born in Southbridge, Massachusetts, Leandra Martin is the author of five fantasy/science fiction novels, including the L’Landra’s Tale trilogy and Tanith Prophecy series. She received an AA degree in Broadcasting/Communications, spent a few years in radio, and participated for many years in community theater. She currently lives in Oregon with her husband, two boys and their blue eyed canine named Jett. 
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