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Review: Grave Matters (The Demon Trappers, Book 4.5) by Jana Oliver


A legendary Demon Trapper, Riley Blackthorne frequently battles with Hell's minions.  So when she travels to Scotland to meet up with her hunky boyfriend, and celebrate her eighteenth birthday, she's thrilled at the the chance to leave Atlanta and its troubles behind.

Denver Beck, who has been studying for months to become a Grand Master - a rare and highly dangerous job - is just as eager to see his girl.  He's anticipating a romantic reunion, keen to take their relationship to the next level.

Riley's twisted history with Hell has garnered unwelcome interest by people willing to use her for their own purposes.  Trouble is brewing in the land of the heather, the kind that will drive a wedge between her and Beck, and prove the ultimate test of their love...and their survival skills.

Book Details:

Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: Nevermore Books (December 2, 2013)
ISBN-10: 0970449089
ISBN-13: 978-0970449085
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 inches

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My reviews of Books 1-4:

Foretold, Book 4

**Please read Books 1-4 before reading Grave Matters**
**There may be Grave Matters spoilers in my review.  It's not intentional but necessary to the quality of my review**

I've really missed Riley and Beck, so when Jana Oliver announced a novella I jumped all over it.  I started by reading excerpts of Grave Matters on her website  Then when the novella was available in print, I purchased it right away.  I own all 4 of the full length novels in the series and it's nice to be able to add Grave Matters to the collection.  The novella also contains 2 short stories, including Retro Demonology, which has only been available previously as a free eBook.

Riley and Beck get a lot of face time in the novella and not all of it is good.  Treachery occurs as soon as Riley lands in Scotland and it's up to Riley, Beck, and the occupants of the home where Beck is completing his training, to figure out who's after Riley this time.  The finally realized relationship between Riley and Beck is in jeopardy, Riley's life is in danger, and Beck will have to come to terms with what being a Grand Master will actually entail.  All of this is squeezed into the 142 pages of Grave Matters.

I loved the concept of the novella and, really, you can't ever go wrong with Riley and Beck.  The friction that develops between Riley and Beck is unexpected and played out quite well.  The cause and effects of the trouble certainly plays upon the reader's emotions.  After working so hard to get their relationship to where it was at the end of Foretold, I was distraught when the relationship began to crumble.  Well played, Jana Oliver, well played!   The dissolution of Riley and Beck is fully dependent upon the other actions within the book.  There is action, adventure, misunderstandings, and of course, the attempt to use Riley for, and by, the forces of evil.

I must admit that Grave Matters wasn't nearly as dynamic as the four full length novels in the series.   There just didn't seem to be as much suspense and nail biting build up in the novella.  The ultimate reason for all of the happenings in Grave Matter were written cleanly and cohesively, however, and the entire novella was still very good.  I'm glad I purchased the novella for my bookshelf.

I certainly hope this isn't the last we hear about Riley and Beck.  They are one of my absolute favorite power couples.  I'd almost like to see them cross over from the young adult genre into the adult genre and see where that takes them; especially now that Riley is eighteen.

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