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Review: To Kiss A Werewolf by Molly Snow (Presented by Bewitching Book Tours)

As president of Paranormal Addicts Anonymous, Stella’s got no time for popular guys. Especially the surfers who hang at Shoreline’s beach—they think flashing a sand-sprinkled, tanned chest is enough to get any girl. But when surfer-hunk Damien Capernalli crashes Stella’s PAA fieldtrip to a haunted bed and breakfast, it may be time to rethink her priorities.

...And what’s with that wolfish gleam in Damien's eye?

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To Kiss a Werewolf
Molly Snow

Genre: YA Paranormal Romantic Comedy

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Print Length: 290 pages
Publisher: Breezy Reads (November 17, 2013)


Sea salt wafted in the humid sky, the full moon hidden by dark, puffy clouds. Normally, Damien would be feeling on top of the world. A night at the beach, with a pack of friends and girls—one in particular basically throwing herself at him. The typical blonde bombshell cheerleader. Piece of cake. But things weren’t feeling quite right.

Tina wrapped an arm around his, as she sat with him beside the crackling bonfire. She endlessly giggled, even when he wasn’t joking. It was way overboard. She was trying too hard, and suddenly she wasn’t as attractive. Man, why be so serious? he told himself. Just go with it. She’s hot. You like her. She obviously likes you.

But it was hard to let loose when he kept thinking about that girl at his uncle’s pizzeria. She must have known him from school. She had called him by name. So, why couldn’t he put a finger on who she was, what class they may have taken together? He not only knocked her to the ground like a fool, he did something else to anger her. If only he knew what that was… What made it worst of all, he was actually going to accept her request for a date. It’s just that tonight he already had plans with Tina.

A half hour later, Damien was making out with the blonde in his jeep. He was going through the motions, but his head still wasn’t clear. Why was he going to let some random girl from earlier that night ruin his mood? It was so, so irritating. He wished she never walked into his workplace. Whoever she was. Whatever her name was. Tonight could have been so much easier, not being confused over some dark and depressed Goth girl.

As he kissed Tina’s neck, the scent of her floral perfume quickly morphed from soft and seductive to strong and sickening. As if he had licked a bar of soap, he could taste the smell. He pulled back and shook his head, wiping his nose with a shoulder.

Tina’s hands were around his neck the next second. Her fake fingernails lightly pressed into his skin as she pulled him back down. Not wanting to totally ruin the moment, he surrendered, and told himself to get a grip. He moved away from her neck and back to her mouth. Soap. He could still taste her perfume. Nostrils flared and he pulled back again, cringing.

“Come here,” Tina breathed. “Don’t play hard to get now.”

He opened his mouth and panted, hoping to release the flavor. Looking up to the half-moon that peeked through a cluster of dark clouds, he suddenly felt like gagging. In the next moment, he leapt off the girl and ran to the center of some fir trees that bordered the beach.

“What’s the matter?!” Her voice trailed after him.

Damien hunched over and grabbed his knees. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong. He was sure he was going to vomit whatever stomach flu suddenly overtook him, but instead he felt possessed to howl hoarsely into the night: “Owoooo!”

Saph's Review:

To Kiss A Werewolf is a cute story tailored more for the young adult crowd, although it's a clean paranormal romance that is suitable for anyone.

Stella Dabrowski is relatively new to Oregon, having had fled Idaho to escape her ex-boyfriend Billy.  The summer shortly before school starter, Stella and her two friends, Kit and Caleb play a silly game of Truth or Dare.  Stella's dare is to ask the most popular guy in high school, Damien Capernalli, out on a date.

When the dark haired goth girl walks into Doughlicious, the pizzaria owned by Damien's uncle, he's mesmerized.  After she walks out without ordering anything, he's then perplexed ~ and apologetic after he knocks her down with the door by quickly exiting the restaurant and not seeing her.  Promising to make it up to her, he gets her a slice of her preferred pizza.  Stella continues to take him up on his offer to make it up to her by asking him out on a date.  He's too busy staring at the attractive cashier to pay attention, so when she repeats her question, she does so with sarcasm and storms out the door.  She doesn't like Damien anyway.

So when Damien shows up to a meeting of the Paranormal Addicts Anonymous (PAA), she's slightly annoyed.  She doesn't understand why he's there.  She doesn't know that Damien being there is a quiet, desperate cry for help.  It would appear that he's new to the werewolf lifestyle and he's looking for tips, pointers, and help without divulging his true nature.

A few days later, the PAA group goes on a field trip to a bed and breakfast in California, over seven hours away.  The owner, Mrs. Partridge is eccentric and creepy, with weird rules about time frames and rooms that can't be entered.  She scares the group one night and the turn of events has everyone believing that she's not at all human.  They also discover he grandson has been kept locked up in a bedroom - but's he's not all he seems and soon Stella realizes just what's going on.  Damien also shows up, and so does his estranged father.

Will Stella be able to handle her ex-boyfriend and prevent him from turning into something she isn't?  Will Damien figure out why he's a werewolf and how to deal with it?  Will Stella and Damien finally connect in the way that a cute paranormal romance usually does or will other complications arise?

I very much enjoyed To Kiss A Werewolf.  Stella, Kit, Caleb, Gordon, Maggie, and Damien are all typical teenagers in that respect.  Stella and Damien, of course, are dealing with issues stemming from the paranormal, which is pretty interesting.  Stella doesn't really believe in the paranormal but after escaping Idaho and her ex, she traded pink and popularity for Goth and ghosts.  She's about to discover that she's got more involvement in the paranormal than she ever expected.  Damien is a teenager just coming into his wolfness and feels totally isolated and sort of scared with the changes.  

There are multiple story lines that tread through each other.  The author does a great job keeping everything straight and in line.  The twists and turns were unique and I was kept guessing on several issues.  Billy's character wasn't exactly what I had thought he's be and it was a great addition to the tale.  Stella and Damien's character were developed well and I liked them both.  

The author, Molly Snow, is a fantastic writer.  To Kiss A Werewolf is not the first, nor will it be the last, of her novels that I've read.  They are fantastic, as I noted above, for the young adult crowd.  Even though this book told mostly from the POV of Stella, I think teenage guys would probably like it if they can get beyond the title and cover.  There are several references to the Twilight Saga and I rolled my eyes at the first one.  I soon realized the references turned out to be more like reference points not an attempt to ride on the coattails.  And I totally agree that New Moon is the best book and movie of the series. 

Review Copy Courtesy Of:  The author, during a blog tour, at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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