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5-Star Review: Some Like It Spicy (A Perfect Recipe Novel, Book 1) by Robbie Terman (Entangled Edge)

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Ashton Grey’s restaurant, Sweet Home, is in trouble. Months of empty tables have left her and her partners near bankruptcy, and her father’s prediction of her failure as a chef seems imminent. But a chance encounter could provide Ashton with the publicity she needs to save her restaurant—if the fiery chef is willing to compete on a reality cooking show. But in order to win, she needs to stay focused. No problem…until she meets the head judge.

Celebrity chef Ty Cates is ready to get away from the camera and back to the kitchen where he belongs. Performing as head judge on a reality show is just one more commitment he’d like to get out of, especially after he meets Ashton. Head judges dating contestants is about as taboo as putting ketchup on filet mignon, but from the moment they meet, there’s a simmering heat between them that neither can ignore.

As the competition heats up, they rely on sneaking around, stealing amazing night after amazing night together when the cameras aren’t rolling. When both realize what’s starting to feel like love could easily be a recipe for disaster, Ashton and Ty need to make a choice—get out of the kitchen or turn up the heat.

Book Details:

Title: Some Like It Spicy (A Perfect Recipe Novel)
Author: Robbie Terman
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 243 pages
Release Date: July 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-147-3
Imprint: Edge

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Sapphyria's Review:

Ashton Grey is an executive chef in a restaurant she co-owns with her two best friends. Jenna Rawley is the business manager and Chloe Nelson is the pastry chef. Setting up the restaurant in her grandmother's home (as per her request in her will), Sweet Home is in a residential part of Lincoln Park, Illinois. This location, unfortunately, isn't filling the tables, causing a lot of stress in Ashton. Her popular food critic father labeled her a failure long before now and she's not dealing with rude customers very well. After publicly confronting a customer in a less-than-customer-service-friendly way, she's approached by a woman from another table. The PR Agent for a reality cooking show, and if she participates and wins, will take home a prize that will save the restaurant. What Ashton doesn't count on is falling for Celebrity Chef, Ty Cates.

It's no secret that Ty Cates can have any woman he wants. Ty doesn't want just any woman though; he wants one woman forever. His hectic schedule, multiple public engagements, and overwhelming popularity make this impossible. Plus, regulations forbid celebrity chef judges from becoming involved with contestants. When he first sets his eyes on Ashton Grey, he knows right away that staying away form her is going to simply impossible.

Will Ashon and Ty risk everything - careers, reputations, friendships, and more?

Some Like It Spicy is well written novel based in the wildly popular setting of a reality show.

Ashton suffers from serious self-esteem issues due in part to a highly critical father and a mouse-like mother. Her thoughts and actions in this regard are spot on. It's hard to feel confident about much when nothing you do is ever good enough for the people whose opinions means the most. The fact that Ashton was still able to become a productive member of society and continue to fulfill her dream is amazing. She is written with depth, emotion, and realism.

Ty is an extremely popular celebrity chef that no longer feels the excitement of the status. He misses his family in Georgia that run the restaurant he started. He can't do anything without the paparazzi in his face or his agent barking orders or instructions. He's at a point in his life where he wants to find a good woman and settle down but doesn't know how to make that happen. Being in the public eye has really started taking its toll. I can image most famous people

When it came right down to it, this novel was written so well that I felt like I was starring in it.  I was emotionally invested in Some Like It Spicy from start to finish.  You know going in that there's no way they won't get caught but it's a fun and sexy romp anyway.

**Contains Adult Scenes**

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