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5-Star Review: Some Like It Sinful (A Perfect Recipe Novel, Book 2) by Robbie Terman (Entangled Edge)

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Their attraction is sinfully delicious…

A struggling business and one act of vandalism may have brought them together, but bakery owner Chloe Nelson and professional hockey player Griffin Lange get along like chocolate and pickles. Chloe needs the famous (and famously unattached) Griffin to attract people to her pastries, and Griffin needs the curvaceous and fiery Chloe to keep him out of trouble. A fake relationship to keep the media interested seems like the perfect plan.

But when temptation throws them into bed together, a new plan arises. Why not make the fake real? Griffin’s winning every home game, and Chloe’s business has never been better. Both know it’s only physical—and only temporary. But can they drop their defenses for love, even if it means getting a little bit sinful?

Book Details:

Title: Some Like It Sinful (A Perfect Recipe novel)
Author: Robbie Terman
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 281 pages
Release Date: November 25, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62266-415-3
Imprint: Entangled Edge

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Sapphyria's Review:

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Chloe Nelson is the owner of a brand new confectioners named Happy Endings Bakery.  Her lifelong dream was to own her own shop so she sold her share of Sweet Home.  Five days from her grand opening, a chain bakery scoops up a building for rent across the street.

Griffin Lange is the aging captain of the NHL team the Chicago Brawlers. After a highly inappropriate incident he is facing jail time that will interfere with his quest for the Stanley Cup.  After making a deal with the assistant  district attorney, Griffin winds up doing 300 hours of community service in some over priced cookie shop in order to sweep his felony under the rug.

What you end up with is a cute romance between two unlikely characters.  Chloe and Griffin begin their tumultuous union on opposite sides of the bedroom.  As they learn to work together the gap shrinks but when Griffin lets it slip that they are engaged, things get hot and heavy really quick.  What is just supposed to be a ploy slowly evolves into a true and believable romance.   And throw another man into the mix and we see just how unsure Chloe is and the jealousy that rages beneath Griffin's collar.  I truly loved the chemistry between Griffin and Chloe.

The dialogue flows well and engages the reader.  I was pulled in from the get go and really enjoyed the book from start to finish.  The author did a fantastic job creating characters that were easy to like and relate to-maybe not being a Hockey star but the emotions that are written for both Griffin and Chloe are realistic.

Some Like It Sinful is another great book in the Perfect Recipe series.

**Contains Adult Scenes**

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