Friday, December 13, 2013

25 Days of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing

The Small Press taking over the world!

Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing.

You have heard the name and you have more than likely read one of their authors books. This small press is taking the world by storm and people (yes, including those people) are taking notice. With the TREMENDOUS amount of success befalling Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing (also known as CHBB) they still have time to give back to their readers with the “25 Days of CHBB” mega fan give away. (See images and rules above).

Background of CHBB

CHBB was founded by author Sarah Davis after discussing with fellow authors the lack of good publishers and support for indie writers in the United States. [1] Davis felt that big house publishers only published popular fiction and current trends and many well written unique stories with potential were being overlooked - especially stories that were darker and experimental in style and nature. Davis felt that authors should have more creative control over their work and be able to play a bigger part in putting out their stories into the world and shouldn't have to self publish to achieve it. Indie authors should be able to achieve the "acceptance" of being with a publishing house while putting out their stories the way they want them to be told. After brainstorming and encouragement from friends a name and logo was chosen. After filing the legal paperwork and documents Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing opened its doors for submissions. [2] Very quickly Davis' inbox filled with queries but it wasn't enough. Davis wanted her publishing house to be a formidable one and just as respected as the other mainstream presses. As Davis rapidly grew she enlisted the help of others to help with her vision: Para Graphic Designs was hired exclusively for book covers and promotional designs and Bewitching Book Tours was retained for professional publicity and book tours. Newly signed author S.K. Whiteside signed on to provide invaluable website support, manuscript formatting, and created the book trailers for each CHBB book. Now that all the players were in place the first wave of acceptances were sent out and Five authors were signed to Crushing Hearts for their debut release February 29, 2012.

Over the next two years Davis worked furiously (and with little to no profit) to build CHBB's presence and reputation in the publishing world. On August 25, 2012 they announced the debut of Hot Ink Press, the imprint that allowed CHBB to tap into the rapidly growing erotic romance genre. CHBB and Hot Ink thrived while other small presses continued to falter. Many of those presses offered deals to sell their companies to Davis to which she declined. It wasn't until a few months later when a small press in Australia offered Davis a deal that CHBB achieved their first company buyout. Vamptasy Publishing became the overseas imprint of CHBB bringing their total to three.

Since its founding in 2011, CHBB has been a force to be reckoned with. What started as a woman with a vision and five signed authors became a publishing powerhouse with three imprints, best selling books sold worldwide in both eBook and Print, and nearly 100 authors - some of which opting to sign with CHBB and their imprints over larger publishing houses and includes some notables becoming authors like Australia's pop princess Nicki Patton, and horror screenwriter Daniel P. Coughlin.

So, tell me (in the comments below):  
Have any of my readers heard of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing?
Have you read anything by their authors?


macabreroyal said...

Very neat blog you have here! :D
I'm coming over from the CHBB FB event!
Thanks for taking the time to be apart of the event!
I really liked learning more about this company. I didn't know some of that about them! :D

-Samantha Harlow

Sapphyria said...

Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by today. Have fun!

snscuster said...

I enjoyed learning some of the history behind my favorite publishing company! I adore SJ Davis and have read many of the original authors. I'm so excited to see so many new authors and such a wide variety of genres! Thank you for hosting! Love the blog!

Sapphyria said...

CHBB is a fantastic publishing company :) Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! I appreciate it.

Sarah Anne said...

I didnt hear about CHBB til I read Sk Whitesides book Inheritance. I love the idea that someone made a publishing company specifically for Indie authors. #25daysofCHBB

Barb Gordon said...
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Barb Gordon said...

Wow! It was very interesting to read how CHBB came into being! Thanks for sharing their story. As for your question, I've read quite a few of their authors - SK Whiteside, Cameo, Madison Daniel, & Christine Hughes to name just a few.

I am Barbara Gordon on facebook

Kandi Steger said...

Love CHBB!!! I've read books by Madison Daniel, T.M Scott and Christine Hughes. I own kindle versions of books by Cameo Renae, Rue Volley and SK Whiteside. :)

Justine Vandale said...

Thanks for the background :) I have read Madison Daniel, Christine Hughes and Tianna Scott!