Friday, June 15, 2012

99¢ eBooks--Friday 6/15 and Saturday 6/16 Only!

Here is a huge list of eBooks that are on sale for 99¢ today and tomorrow only!!!!


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**Additional books are listed on Sapphyria's Steamy Book Reviews ( that are not appropriate for Sapphyria's Book Reviews blog.  

***Also, some books listed above may not be 100% Young Adult or Clean Adult friendly.  I did my best to separate them and place them on the correct blogs but I haven't read most of them (I do own them all, it's just a matter of making time to read them) and pretty much just winged it.  Please read the descriptions of each book and some of the reviews to help determine the content of the books noted above.  

****Please note:  Prices subject to change at any time.  Saph's Books and its Admin are not responsible for changes in pricing.  Please make sure Kindle Price says 99¢ before clicking the "buy now" link.

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